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I'd like to be able to walk up to you and kiss you, again.

recently i've felt like i've been to worried about stepping on people toes. i'm going back to the way i used to be, taking things at face-value unless someone tells me otherwise.
if you say you want me around, i'll believe that.
and if you tell me you dont, but that i shouldnt be offended, i wont be.
like that.

sometimes, i post to my livejournal at night, when im tired and half asleep. i wake up terrified because i cant remember what i posted and i get really worried that i may have said something that i meant but didnt mean to say. it makes me glad i dont get drunk.

we played dominoes tonight like i used to do online.

and id certainly like
to be able to walk
up to you
and kiss you.

an unsure expression of love,
expression of how im feeling.

touch is a metaphor for language,
swirling all around you,
for expression as i kiss you,

lost and breaking through.

i wish you'd trust me more.
i feel like i've lost connection,
and i'd do anything to restore it.
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