asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

Today's been a music day, the first one since March 3, and the biggest one since even further back. So far, there's some good stuff been alot of decent stuff and a decent bit of stuff that doesn't sound that great. I haven't reviewed enough of it to have come across anything really spectacular, but I've got a really good feeling about much of it (well, of the new artists. as for artists i already knew, i know i've got really spectacular stuff).

    Artists in today's acquisitions include:
  1. The Killers

  2. Goo Goo Dolls

  3. Bronson Arroyo

  4. Beth Orton

  5. Chemical Brothers

  6. In This Moment

  7. PlayRadioPlay!

  8. Sara Bareilles

  9. Duffy

  10. Amy Millan

  11. Adele

  12. Depeche Mode

  13. David Ford

  14. Giuded By Voices

  15. In This Moment

  16. Seven Mary Three

  17. Nick Lachey

  18. The Nadas

  19. The Appleseed Cast

  20. Lene Marlin

  21. Kathleen Edwards

  22. Anna Nalick

  23. Brenda Lee

  24. Emerson, Lake & Palmer

  25. Jann Arden

  26. The Flaming Lips

  27. Switchfoot

  28. Socialburn

  29. Audioslave

  30. Crossfade

  31. Breaking Benjamin

  32. Elliott Smith

  33. John Mayer

  34. Carly Simon

  35. Chris Cornell

  36. Joss Stone

  37. Keb Mo

  38. Meiko

  39. James

  40. Ben Folds Five

  41. The National

  42. Eric Hutchinson

  43. Jason Reeves

  44. Marc Broussard

  45. Counting Crows

  46. Skye Sweetnam

  47. Amy Diamond

  48. Ben Folds

  49. Lazlo Bane

  50. Billie Piper

  51. Bertine Zetlitz

  52. Hard-Fi

  53. Jessie Baylin

  54. John Cougar Mellencamp

  55. Racoon

  56. The Real Group

  57. Ryan Adams

  58. Charlie Daniels Band

  59. Dierks Bentley

  60. Gary Allen

  61. Big & Rich

  62. Trace Atkins

  63. Patty Griffin

  64. Josh Turner

  65. Deana Carter

  66. Todd Carey

  67. Amanda Ghost

  68. Tal Bachman

  69. Trans Am

  70. Joan As Policewoman

  71. Colin Hay

  72. Armin Van Buuren

  73. Brainstorm

  74. ...and probably a couple others i missed.

    1. If you see anyone you like on that list, let me know! Also, if you see anyone you strongly dislike/who has bad music, let me know. Because sometimes really dumb artists I've never heard of get onto my lists by mistake!

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