asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

its almost 5 am, but i guess i might as well post.

first of all, im worried that im coming off as reasonably strongly opinionated suddenly here on lj. i like to keep posts and threads and comments going. im as openminded as the next guy. well, maybe not him, but at least the guy over there. the openminded one.

also, people have been talking about churches and religions. thats important. really important. so lets keep talking becasue something thats outside of our present life matters.

also, ryan was talking about animals. i like animals. theyre sometimes cute and sometimes fuzzy and often when theyre both theres a good chance theyre going to take over the world someday.

while im at it, the barack/clinton/that-other-guy stuff (aka the election) (aka the future of our country) has gone from annoying to downright infuriating. im almost to the point of banning all inputs of that nature from my life altogether.

ive been watching Shakugan no Shana and throughly enjoying it. also, ive been continuing to play brawl, where i only have 8 challenges left, having just cleared boss battles with all characters.

i cant wait for deathcab's new album. CANT WAIT!!! and im probably going to obtain a plain white ts tee shirt soon.

and i may be in louisville next week, places to stay undecided.

also, girls are fun to hang out with. i like them.

but seriously!! whats the deal with the election being based around who likes who more?? is it like personality or something??? i mean, one of the requirements for the presidency is that the person has to be at least a certain age..thats there for a reason! the person should have been gaining EXPERIENCE. and not be nominated by the party because they have the best chance of being popular. not because if they have some slight flaw than thats it for the party. not some random person pulled out right before election year rolls around who then goes spending fortunes campaigning so that, during the course of election, people can figure out who the heck they are and what their values are and what they stand for! i mean, if we dont already KNOW what kind of person they are, what they stand for, what the believe in, before theyre even Considered to run our country, then HOW are they qualified??? seriously! its like our country was taken over by reality television... its all some game now.. 'oh yeah, who are you going to vote for?' 'well, that one guy..he seems pretty cool..and oh yeah, he showed up in my state with a cool message, so i hope he wins'
i mean, srsly u guys! u guys, srsly! for get these stupid parties, even, where people will back whichever one supports their hard stances on a couple issues. "yes, he stands for the things i stand for." "but can he RUN A COUNTRY??! I stand for the same things you stand for, but you wouldnt vote for me, would you???..oh wait, if i had enough money and hit your family with a few well phrased slogans that you picked up on your favorite news telecast, then maybe you would!!!!"

[EDIT]I had three strange dreams last night. In one, me and sefie and our parents went to a bar and we brought remy along. In another, Wes was sailing a huge ship through town and him and i were on our way to go see Sarah and Emily Pehlke, and when we got there there were a ton of people hanging out at their house but wes took the two of them and left me there and i tried to catch up but really didnt stand a chance because, hey, he had a ship and i got really angry at him. In the third, my parents wanted to give me a place to stay while i was in louisville so were were trying to buy back the basement of our house there from the couple who are living there now, though the strange part is that their son was jason (giese).[/EDIT]
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