asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,


well, pros and cons.

i did make it down to Louisville, but not for any reasonable length of time.

i was there friday for an exciting event (see below) and saturday morning i picked up my mother (who had beenin atlanta with treni and her mom, and who was the reason i was in town at all) and came back to Indianapolis.

Recent Accomplishments:
-Watched Lost Season 4 Finale
-Downloaded all 9 Seasons of X-Files
-Made it out of the filler in Bleach, finally
-Beat Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life As A King for the first time

Sleeping Schedule Last Week:
Wed - 7am - 11am
Thu - 5am - 10am
Fri - 5am - 10am
Sat - 4am - 7am

Plus, the exciting event (see below) friday night left me completely without energy and sore over (and i still am) and most of my spare time here in indy ive been outside with a crobar and a hammer pulling out nails and dismanteling boards..disassembling our deck.

i's so tired!

Nightwish Concert!
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