asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

ive got 2 1/2 days worth of updating to do.



didnt do anything for the first part of teh day, although i kinda tried to hang with treni. didnt work.
and then i graduated.
ok, ok. graduation was important. cuz of all the peeps in my grade. personally, i didnt get the feeling the ceremony was that big a deal (i asked around and only ryan agreed with me) and i still feel the same as before it. however. i have higher respect for the top of our class than before. they gave good speeches. and i loved carol's speech. it's so cool what shes accomplished. valedictorian. so the speech was brilliant. i couldnt have even have touched at it had i had to do one. anywho. i should find a list of all the senior class and post it here, cuz so many of them mean so much to me. i may do that.
anyway, billy white was great. and zell was there!! (ben woodward, for those not as well informed) and kelly!! and sarrah came too, even tho i hadnt thought to expect her. and ryan earnst. lol. when we were leaving the auditorium in columns after the ceremony was over, i walked by him and i couldnt maintain eye contact, i was laughing. it was soo funny. why, one might ask? i dunno. its just who he has become is. i dunno. as far as all things go, he could pretty much be classified as one of us. as far as im concerned. but still, its just odd. he was of the first ppl here that i held in high regard. so lol. yeah. im making no sense, am i?
so i hung around, and took 10,000 pictures (tho not as many as sarrah did at the zoo, apparently. ) and rebecca green wanted a pic with me. it was so cool. and i got one of scott and coplen, and a bunch of everyone else, esp courtney. and i got kelly graduating, and lilly graduation. those pics are sure to confuse ^__^
and after that we stopped by ryans house (for like the 2nd and a half time this year.) and then we were at sarrah's. and then i was in kenny's car. and his music choices included: nine inch nails, muse, and something that sounded like boston or sometihng. beats me. anyway. good stuff. and then we were, Meijer's (sp?)! that was it. and me and ryan bought more Monteray Jack cheese. and this time i ate it all. and it was wonderful. but...Kenny doesnt like cheese. i feel sorry for him.
and then we were at stake n' shake. and we got some shakes and some fries and some onion rings and a strayberry shortcake and some waters (i personally got two) and we paid with seefie's 100. ryan saved Kenny's life; it started raining. so, we're back in ryan's car, and we need a destination. I get to choice!! but it turns out thats scary, cuz it means i gotta pick where we're gonna go. and im running out of places these days fast. esp that are good for 11:00-midnight. but its rainging, so i speak to the rain and it inspires me. we got behind tinseltown to be together and rest and listen to the rain in the car in the night (tho really i just tell ppl were going back there to party, i knew the tru reason). and it really is pretty. with sarrah. (sarrah and ryan i should say) even tho only seef ever got a pic of kenny. elusive kenny. and then we parted ways because i had done my part, and it was time for me to go, so kenny took me and seef home. and i really dont remember what i did that night. (sry ppl)



friday was pretty empty. saturday was booked.
we graduated, let the parties begin!! (or something) (i really dunno) . anyway. noon brings the advent of scotts party.
jan takes us (treni's mom, for those of us less informed). i eat my bagle en route. then we enter indiana, and all Chaos breaks loose. (wesley's brother, for those of us less informed). (even tho, oddly enuf, wes isnt at scotts party.) ok. so we get there, and there are only about 600-800 people already there. not to bad. only 600-800 hendrixs'. so we hang, till its me treni, seef, scott, andrew robinson, brent, (my two rivals!! how exciting!!) sarah martin, cindy, carol, trevor, beka??? (dangit..i cant remember for sure if beka was there. sorrrrrry!!) and and and.... oo. ryan, sarrah. and matt. there we go. and we watched scotts senior video (so long and thanks for all the fish) and then we were off! oh. it was kinda like oct 31st that i tried to steer ppl away from crowds. newho, rightbefore we left, i had 2.5 pieces of cake. (tee hee hee) teh ones with the most icing. (i anint going to indiana w/o getting teh cake). and i stole a partially eaten fork. one unaccomplished thing: greeting banditt. before leaving we took a bunch of pics by ryns car. and then i walked around on the roof denting it (im sure scotts parentes loved this, but ya kno what? i dont really care what they think.) (((for more info on whose opinions i do care about, read on!!))) and then we left. me, sarrah, seef, and ryan. what fun.
mary hart's was next, but not before a great time in teh car. oh, great times. although i get the carrides to mary's and from mary's mixed up, so ill talk about mary's first, and then overview both carrides. (yah...carride now = one word) so by this point, me and sarrah are in picture-taking frenzies. (lol to the word choice) we take pics of..behold! balloons, then we turn onto mary's street and get a few more good pics in b4 goingup the wrong driveway. alas. but then we find the right one. so thats cool. and ryan alumbaugh's there (sp?) and thats pretty sweet. and im just glad to have made it, cuz mary's really cool and it almost seemed she didnt expect anyone to really show. and i was honored to simply be invited. so i think it worked out. and there was a great dane there (shouldve seen it, scoot!! it was like..really cool) and apparently mary's dad looked "dead up" (whatever that's supposed to mean) like ryan's uncle. and we saw ryan(a)'s new tattoo, and mary's, too. and they were cool. but a note on tattoos: don't get them. really, just don't. they're cool and all, but really, people are wonderfully beautiful without them. anyway. dont mean to get off on a tangent, but ive been meaning to say that. so we saw mary's room. it was flippin sweet. the walls were covered in comics. nice. but in all truth, the whole area around her house was pretty amazing. its in a really pretty area from what i could tell. and there was cheese at the party. cheese and cheese dip. i didnt touch the dip...i remember the last time i encountered some of that--danny's. and by the time i was done so was the cheese dip.
and thus mary's was lotsof fun.
oh, and as we left, matt arrived--we crossed paths x number of times that day.
so. on the way to mary's we played frisbee. at first sarrah was kinda resting on ryan i believe and me and seef were being really giddy, but then sarrah joined us (yay) and then a little later, ryan did as well. while he drove. yup. niice. but really, we had lots of fun. its good memories like that that i strive to create--for all of us. because they're more than just fun moments; theres a deeper something going on, something meaningful and something strong, a sort of bond and understanding that i do cherish so. the day had several such times. after the frisbee, me and sarrah started with the pictures. i took alot. she took alot. i dunno how many seef took, but there were a lot of pictures. and sarrah and ryan had some kinda thumb-war-turned-hand-battle, still while ryan was driving. leaving mary's we got lost. we turned into some random house with an evil-ish driveway and a bunch of cars from indiana--kowaii!! (sp?) and then we reached Mount Zion. and Route 1818. and called matt and mary. so then something kinda unfortunate happened. cuz, in getting lost, we were thrown off schedule. and so sarrah couldnt make it into work (sorry) cuz although it was took to vote, i wasnt sure..but she had to cancel in the end. and then i think a parent called and wasnt to happy about that..and it wasnt cool at all. but ryan was there, so that was a plus. i dont know exactly what sarrah was thinking just then, but i hope our presence and prayes helped. i will see this resolved somehow. (this being the bigger picture, not that one incident per se.) so anyway, we didnt get to go eat at bob evans. (another time, perhaps? i look forward to it.) however, instead we went to SBUX. nice save, all. Starbucks was grand, even tho i was tricked into trying sarrah's coffee drink. and my double chantico was really hot. twas sad, tho. the woman making the drinks said
"i almost forgot about [my chantico] because noone ever orders them."

seef couldnt get a ride to joe's, so she left and wandered outside alone. sarrah, already having ryan's keys, phone, ring, and something else, tried to steal ryans car; i helped. still, it failed. ryans keys were rigged with traps, and thus prevented the car doors from being unlocked before his return. ryan went to talk to seef, sarrah stayed in drivers seat; i in the seat behind her. matt came, took passenger seat. and we sepnt the time together, the three of us. another poignant combination. ah, matts so great. w00t to him.
ok. almost forgot. theres this thing called fm static i think. and its REALLY GRAND. its something marvelous. it really is. first, it had a punk kinda feel to it, which, oddly enuf, is what ive been craving to hear. and then, somehow, the lyrics of the first song they played reminded me of all the PUSH books. the ones that changed me, along with some experiences (wq44qy; 23eh3weq6 h8ty5w) and made me who i am. so that was great. and then parts of the second song reminded me of my own writing style and my own poetry; not something ive seen in music. so im pretty excited about this. i havent gotten to hear anymore, but im gonna change that quick; esp since seef burned me some. yaay!!
so then, so they can get ht e'tools to throw me in the pool with' i have to part with ryan, sarrah, and seef. so i go with matt to church. im somehow afraid that im not coming accross truely to matt, or that something of what im feeling is being lost, but i dont have a way with words, so when i put thoughts into them they usually dont convey much. ive been told on prior occasions that this is 'not opening up to people' and if thats tru, its not intentional at all. bleh.
but im glad to get to drive with him and we go to church. not on my agenda for the day, and im a little irked that this may end up cutting into ed's party time. but i love southeast, so i go. its the only place in this city that im sometime willing to call my home. and its so worth it. only a little worship, but grand. well, i suppose the goal is to have worship 24/7. so ive gotta keep growing, but i think its going well of late. ...if only i can get that devotional time many years has that been troublesome...gah.. well, anyway, then sarrah (driving ryans car), ryan, and seef arrive, but we dont leave just then. eeryone save me has a nice little discussion, then ryan and sarrah go and talk. now, i dont want to be misunderstood. i didnt mind at all. i didnt mind that we were late because of them i really didnt. if had, i would have come over and said something. but i did want to get to the party for reasons relating to the ppl there, so i tried to arrange another ride (scott). in the end sarrah and ryan took me and seef. and i really didnt mind being late at all. well anyway (how many time do i say 'anyway', or use parentheses for that matter?) on the way to the party i call scott, who's all excited about getting to beat ryan to the party, going on and on about how there's NO way that ryan can get there first. anyway, (...) by the time we finally get there, theres no sign of scott. whatever.
yes, the party. full cast: me, scott, wes, danny, matt, ed, ryan, random adults, friends or erin's, orther random girls, Cyndi, Carol, Beka, Sarah (martin), Sarrah, Seef, and Erin and Trevor. i think thats it.
ok. me sarah, carol, cindi, beka, all wait by the road, often in the road, for scott...till we give up. i, however, find a plank with rusty screws sticking out. and a tree gashes my hand. strike one for me. oh!, and i throw drugs on the street. we do give up tho. so, my camera's broke. so, i give cynid a piggyback ride while we sadly turn away from the sight of a bunch of guys holding scott down while girls put makeup on him. erin didnt partake in that either. so, later i give beka a piggyback ride (or several), find beka telling small children that "throwing grass at nick is 'what we do'", curl around cyndi's legs, win the first game of twister ive ever played, speak almost entirely in song and free verse, act much more elusive than normal--somehow, witness and sortof partake in the burning of school workbooks and papers, watch ryan escape scott's fate, and avoid danny's baseball bat. me and trevor made a mummy of erin (niiice) and we won too; made me very dizzy. trevor may have cheated, but we won. i did alot of frolicing with sarah, cyndi, and beka. i gave erin two awards. i only got the chance to explain one of them to her, however. one was for giving me sticker/label-things for the science center, the other was for looking the best at prom. i hope she somehow finds out what it was for. anyway, i pretty much will remember this event as being about erin, whom i tried to hang with alot. i couldnt find her for a while, and asked everyone, but the i did, behind the truck, talking with various ppl. what was going on? i was very distrought. i sat down on the other side of the truck, did some pacing, but nothing else while i waited. later, when it was dark, and everyone was playing twister, i sat in a tree and waited for erin. (although i was enticed into one game, mentioned above.) i finally find her, with trevor inside, and i didnt leave them for more than a couple seconds after that. (((.))) erin is a good friend of mine; i really wanted to be around her. what she thinks of me really matters to me. i dont want to diminish my intrest in sarah martin or cyndi, or diminish my growing connections with carol and beka. look at my post from a couple days ago. these five are all very important to me. very important. especially sarah. especially erin. especially cyndi. especially carol. especially beka. they've all proved amazing people and amazing friends. i could say certain things about each. for erin, i have to say that her opinion of me matters greatly. i really want to know her. to know her. i feel very close to her as it is. and theres trevor. hes brilliant. he sees a good deal more than i do, tho there is no mistaking the similarities between the two of us. (there are alot of similarities...maybe even more similarities than differences). and ive gotten very close to sarah martin. this event will be cherished because of time spent with her as well. yes..well...everytime i mention one, i want to mention al of them. so ill stop right now and go back to erin, whom this was supposed to be moreso about. so yeah.
overall, i spent alot of time with erin and trevor, alot of time with beka, alot of time with cyndi (yay; shes great) and a good amount of time with scott and with ryan (ryan and sarrah left somewhat early; matt, after talking alot with seef, left a little later). i did some with wes and danny, tho not to much. they werent all that...particapatory. and i hardly saw seef! or ed, for that matter. tho i avoided him just a little, cuz he seeed kinda annoyed with me at the beginning, tho i cleared up that he actually wasnt.
and we played acpture the flag, and i won for our team, cuz ppl got tired, and pretty much all stopped playing, so i wandered around w.o touching neone form the other team till i found their flag and brought it home (no, not southeast, merely our team's side of the place). and we gave Carol a curtain. which was nice. i am so very proud of her accomplishment. tis wondeful. congradulations, carol.
erin's wonderful.
the parents all threw water balloons at us. two hit me, but bounced off w/o bursting. then sarah splashed water on me. so i dumped some on her. but the act was avenged, and i was left cold and wet, but not alone.
cyndi had gotten me wet earlier. in exchange for being silly stringed: me erin's and trevor's prizes for the mummy thing.
it was fun. the party was fun.

got home somwhere 1:00-2:00 am, talked online. saddened by lack of contact with Sarah Pehlke.
talked on phone with Sarrah Yeager (something i throughly enjoy) till 3, then
continued talking online witl ryan and treni till about 5. at which point i slept.



...a whole 3 hours later...
8:00am! time to get up, get ready, go to church.
i get up to fifth floor before even jesse (only by about a minute, but he doesnt know that...not that it matters). and..i actually pass out some bullitins (sp). Sarah Bland arrives with vanessa (im pretty sure thats her name by now). tis fun, but now as long as usual. less ppl. and then, in the service, we were to write our epitaphs. my first one is "moo." but then change it to "was killed by flying pumpkins from somewhere beyond mars" jesse's read "pumped up with water and sent to hell" anyway, it turned out the next thing we were supposed to do was think about what we could do in the next few years that would bring about our epitaphs as truth. me and jesse kinda looked at each other and were like. yeah. this is gonna be a little hard.
so thens the youth thing. clays there. later chris p, too.
clay's got this necklace from kimi..something about being catholic and calling a pope.
i sit between him and sarah b. good friends are nice to be around. i like sarah's boots. ^______^ tee.
so church ends and i leave and --no! before i leave i see matt and kelly!. CANT forget that.
oh, and ryan showed, but didnt stay for the service. but it was really good. things in it reminded me of some of the current situations going on. i wrote down a song or two and a verse, which i may or may not get around to posting later. anyway. then i left.
considering my level of activity the day before, and my three hours of sleep, im doing pretty good. my family goes to churchill downs, sees 5-6 races something like that maybe 7. i wont bet, and i would've stopped neone else from betting had they tried. they didnt. i watched a few, then called all the horses for a race...all wrong, except i got 2nd place right. o well. the food was expensice and poor quality, but i enjoyed it. but the drink selection was pathetic. o well. i started falling asleep, and we left. and we went to starbucks..but i never even made it out of the i guess i slept in the car while my family went to starbucks w/o me. then we went home.
thats when i atarted this post...and no doubt the time lj will log it as. truth be told, that was about 7 hours ago. since then i tried unsucessfully to call sarah martin (her lj says she called me) but i left a nice message filled with willow quotes from my computer. i hung outside with my family. i had dinner with them. i watched the senior video (not scott's, sadly..we still need a copy of it). i kept working on this post. i said goodbye to some relatives and good night to others. and here i am. with seef checking in every now and then to see if im done (im not).
currently, im talking to :
scott: angelo7dintch (12:40:07 AM): anyway ill call ya tomorrow
ryan: shatteredHAvoc (12:40:44 AM): well...
sarrah: Jessamyn143 (12:25:31 AM): good. *waits to read long entry*
and matts on, but the few lines we've exchanges dont account for much.
so thats life. thats me.
its currently 12:42am, monday the 30th of may, 2005.
im done.
have fun and leaving comments would be nice. alot of my recent entries havent gotten very many.
you all rock.

our constant God makes all things new.
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