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and i cant sleep.
wondering whats become of life.
i used to think so big, i thought.
but it may have been too small,
perspective smeared by proximity.
it is hard to see where we're at because we're here.

[and now for randomness]

coordination is ordained, leaving for a distant land, falling for a high-class plan.
midnight, twilight, hop the plane for london, lost myself in a
grid system, drifting of the charted map.. fading out of focus into black and white again.
cold snow--its a quiet getaway. city lights melting down my suave identity.
numbness, oneness, talking to locals like i just don't care,
fitting into all the seams.
tempoed steps on silver streets with neon lights and chill winds blown,
marching straight around the block again.
color, color, sound, echos, places, dreams, thoughts, sound
building myself from the ground up, again.
picking through my useless habits, again.
trying for a shot at success, again.
and the chill winds blown bite deeply into sucessive fails,
walking in the late-night city-light, again.

Fri-Sun: Scott & Wes
Mon-Tue: Allaen&Erie


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