asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,


Right, I forgot to mention it, but I really liked Wall-e. Which I expected. It's the first animated movie I've condoned in quite some time.
I thought it was pretty romantic.


i close my eyes and i keep seeing things.. rainbow waterfalls.. sunny liquid dreams..
confusion creeps inside me bringing doubt. got to get to you, but i dont know how..

funny, aint it? games people play.. scratch it, paint it, one and the same.
we couldnt find them, so we tried to hide them.. words that we couldnt say.
someday, maybe, we'll make it right.. until that day, long endless nights.
we couldnt say them, so now we just pray them, words that we couldnt say.

never seen a bluer sky, yeah i can feel it reaching out and moving closer..

does anybody see what i see?
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