asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

*sigh* So I was up till 9:00 reading last night. By which I mean this morning. Then I slept till two in the afternoon, but I'm still pretty exhausted. We'll see if tonight will leave me watching movies or travelling!

I watched 1776 last night, and despite its great epicness, I fear its lyrical endeavors will stick with me to see a week through. Hence also the fourth lyric cited in my entry from yesterday, postceeding the three from Bebop. Wake up, LiveJournal!

Scott's been hanging with a bunch of girls I want to meet. Sadly, but predictably, he waited too late to get all of them (and myself) tickets to what I think he said was a Boys Like Girls concert at Headliners tomorrow. Alas.

Of course, there's someone else to be in town that also motivates me, with whom a duel is due, and upon whom more of my priority lay.
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