asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

Songs that get stuck in my head:
He Plays The Violin (from 1776)
Richard Henry Lee (from 1776)
Chinese Children ~{Devendra Banhart}
Tree Hugger ~{Kimya Dawson}
Lemon Tree ~{Peter, Paul, & Mary}
Theme Song from Veggie Tales

i had sum tasty nom nom's last night.
also, though it was vastly overpriced,
i obtained a Solemn Wishes card!
today's objective will be to
actually find a grocery store.

Zombies ate Siler, it was hilarious!!!!

but i fell down the tall staircase
and i tripped upon the icy walk.
i grasped at the pot handle,
and burned for it was hot.
to the outlet on the wall,
i got too close, too close,
indeed, i got a shock.
and then the giant vicious dog
(not mechanical
nor virtual)
showed up and dragged me out.
oh no! look out!
there's broken glass and open flame;
i'm choking now on bites to big!
and then a flying saucer came.
and after that twas not the same.
i had naught to use my cabbage on,
whatever could drink my water: gone.
i watched the roller of purple die
snatch and steal my carrots five.
goodbye athena, iven, jeannie too,
goodbye dave and goodbye eu.
now when i bring sharks in ten foot tides,
noone fears them,
noone hides.

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