asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

Liberry, 2nd week of classes.

Carol came up to Indy saturday night, and then sunday we went to King's Island for the second time this summer (to make good on our buy-one-get-in-a-day-free passes). It was pretty exciting, even though we got to ride even fewer than before! Lesser people would have been annoyed, but not us.

Also, I chatted (phone) breifly with Sarrah last night for the first time in I-don't-really-know-how-long. That was nice.

I was worried that the girl in my pshchology had dropped becuase she wasn't there at first, but it turns out she was late. She's still very attractive.
But not the-most-ever or anything like that. -.-;

I'm in the middle of the second week: I like my accounting class and my computer class. The verdict's out on my managemet class, but it shouldn't be bad. My psychology and english classes are looking to be a bit more annoying, but possibly more interesting as a result.

My livejournal tells me that it's happy fewer people are on, even though I'm not sure I feel the same. It says as my readership goes down, the candidness of my content will go up. I'm still not sure I feel that way.

Finally, who is Shelly Evancho?

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