asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

Week 5: Brooms are a car's first line of offense.

dun-da-da-da-da-dunnn, da-da-da-dunnn!!

iiits wednesday!

and since i know some of my poor impoverished readers dont have sound and thus missed the very dramatic contents of my thus-far-untranscribed voice post from the wee hours of the morning, i shall synops it here.

yesterday, tuesday, i drove from indianapolis to danville where i met up with carol and elizabeth (s?z?) and wen with them from danville down to knoxville!!

for the Nightwish and Sonata Arctica concert!

unfortunately poor anette, Nightwish's lead singer, was apparently SICK! and so they CANCELLED!

but all was not lost because Sonata was still playing and the place refunded everyones tickets, so we got to see Sonata for free!

it was actually quite worthwhile because Sonata, in addition to having some really good music, really knows how to put up a preformance.

consequently ill be seeing them again thursday night in louisville.

which, consequently, will be another time ill be in lousiville (breifly) that i wont see the people i need to see there so badly (because ill only be there so breifly). i'm still sorry!

also, noone who reads all of this is excused from listening to my voice post. go hear me.

For more information, see the next post that i might be about to write. Maybe.

i am presently exhausted.
like, exhausted.

that is all.

also, Carol almost turned into an angel!

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