asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

where would i be without treni from whom i steal these things?

A is for age: 18
B is for booze: no.
C is for career: student? christain.
D is for dad's name: Thomas
E is for essential items to bring to a party: trinkets
F is for favorite song at the moment: as always, Kiss Me ~{Sixpence None the Richer}
G is for girlfriend: Sarah Pehlke
H is for hometown: Atlanta, GA. w00t!!
I is for instruments you play: none officially
J is for jam or jelly you like: whatever (any i suppose)
K is for kids: yeah, i like kids. what of it?
L is for living arrangements: i live in this house with my parents and sister.
M is for mom's name: Belinda
N is for name of your best friend: Scott Hendrix
O is for overnight hospital stays: no no nope.
P is for phobias: nope.
Q is for quote you like: "live life in all the realities at once. then you you will be fulfilled" --Sarah Martin
R is for relationship that lasted longest: me & treni
S is for sexual position: i can think of alot of cooler things s stands for.
U is for unique trait: the way im random?
V is for vegetable you love: lol. like heck.
W is for worst trait: selfish? im human.
X is for x-rays you've had: i dunno. the government keeps those a secret from me.
Y is for yummy food you make: i cant rpa. i also cant randomly produce food.
Z is for zodiac sign: i normally wudnt kno, but i think its gemini. im borderline.

First job: not yet. im uncultured and unexperienced.
First screen name: clear2bishop
First funeral: grandmother (?)
First pet: moey, berrett, misha.
First piercing: nope.
First tattoo: not gonna happen.
First credit card: heh. yea..somehow i have one. *shrugs* be scared.
First kiss: treni
First enemy: lol. in jest brent kelty and andrew robinson.
First favorite musical artist: lol. Stan Bush.

Last car ride: matt just brought me home.
Last kiss: sarah pehlke..a couple weeks back.
Last movie watched: oh, yes. The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl in 3-D
Last beverage drank: Double Chantico!! Starbucks till fornever!
Last food consumed: food at Tumbleweed..first time there.
Last phone call: Matt's dad.
Last time showered: a couple days ago...ive been waking up to late. :/
Last CD played: well, even tho its not the CD, evanescense is playing now.
Last website visited:
Sex: that wont happen for a good while yet. marriage, guys. not till marriage.
Birthday: may 21, 2005
Sign: last sign... hmm.. beats me.
Siblings: last sibling..Sefie-chan. aka Amanda. unless shes not anymore..i dunno what she meant on her last post. :/
Hair color: last one? *deosnt kno what to call it* its brown/blond...dirty blond?? i dunno!!
Eye color: brown.
Shoe size: how the heck should i kno??

1. Kissed your cousin: i dont really kno any close cousins.
2. Ran away: little kid running away (aka 30minutes-an hour)
4. Skipped school: yeah..not like truancy or anything tho.
5. Broken someone's heart: that not for me to say. i wish the answer was no, but i actually dont kno.
6. Been in love: yes.
7. Cried when someone died: possibly..not sure.
8. Wanted someone you knew you couldn't have: i guess so..well..i dunno.
9. Broken a bone: is possible..not sure.
10. Done something embarrassing: yeah.
11. Lied: yeah.
12. Cried in school: yeah.

13. Coke or Pepsi: both can die!! bwahaha
14. Sprite or 7UP: both can die!! bwahaha
16. Flowers or Candy: flowers?
18. Blondes or Brunettes: brunettes, tho thats just from past examples. i really wouldnt choose between the hair colors themselves.
19. ****** (both are victimizations of circimstance)
20. Tall or Short: both.
21. Pants or Shorts: time of year.
22. Night or Day: i used to be night. am i different now? dont kno.

29. Romantic memory: *sad type nostalgic smile*
30. Your Good Luck Charm: God.
31. Person You Hate Most: "you shouldnt hate things"
32. Best Thing That Has Happened: life.
33. On your desk: i dont have a desk id feel comfortable calling my own.
34. Picture on your desktop: moon flower; before that futakoi; before that, kyle idleman.

35. Color: red? black? purple?
36. Movie: alot i like, no favorite per se.
37. Artist or band: Sixpence None the Richer.
38. Cars: cheap gas mileage with some kick.
39. Ice Cream: chocolate chocolate chocolate.
41. Food: pasta? berries?

42. Makes You Laugh The Most: scott?
43. Makes You Smile: alot of the girls in my life.
44. Can Make You Feel Better No Matter What: im not sure if anyone has that ability.
45. Has A Crush On You: idk
46. Do You Have A Crush On Someone: sp
47. Who Has It Easier? not many, sadly.
48. Gives You A Funny Feeling When You See Them: wesgrandma.

49. Sit By The Phone Waiting For A Phone Call All Night: once, i think.
50. Save AIM Conversations: 700+ files? you betcha.
51. Save E-mails: i dont deal in email...tho i uesd to, tho they were all lost.
52. Forward Secret E-mails: i dont deal in emails. or that kind of secrets often.
53. Wish You Were Someone Else: ive wished others could be me breifly, but not really the other way around.
54. Wish You Were A Member Of The Opposite Sex: i dont think so.
55. Wear Cologne: no.
56. Kiss: i do. ive kissed two people. its not something i take lightly. at all. its something i cherish. dearly.
58. Go Online For Longer Than Eight Hours At A Time: time and time again.

59. Fallen For Your Best Friend?: no.. *looks at scott* (jk) (JK)
60. Made Out With JUST A Friend?: no.
61. Kissed Two People In The Same Day?: no.
62. Had Sex With Two Different People In The Same Day?: no. and i never will.
63. Been Rejected: no. well..not romantically per se, but otherwise, yeah.
64. Been In Love?: yes.
66. Used Someone?: yes.
67. Been Used?: yes.
68. Dumped Someone?: kinda..yeah.
69. Been Cheated On?: no.
70. Been Kissed?: yes.
71. Done Something You Regret?: i try not and regret things, tho im sure i have.

72. You Touched?: sarrah. when she handed me a chip at tumbleweed.
73. You Talked To?: matt.
74. You Hugged?: wes. (if not, then scott)
75. You Instant Messaged?: matt. (or Sarrah)
76. You Kissed?: Sarah Pehlke.
77. You Yelled At?: seef or parents.
78. You Thought About?: sarrah...she just imed me.
79. Who Text Messaged You?: *cant recall, tho its happened once or twice*
80. Who Broke Your Heart? my heart is usually pained..but idk if thaqt makes it broken or not...i also dk who to 'blame' if it is..
81. Who Told You They Loved You? sarrah, on an lj comment.. (not like that) in a romantic way, sarah pehlke.

82. Color Your Hair? weve been over this!! see above!
83. Have Tattoos?: weve been over this!! not gonna happen
84. Have Piercings?: weve been over this!! no.
85. Have A boyfriend/girlfriend?: yes. a girlfriend. sarah. pehlke.

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