asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

Week 8: Thoughts of the Girl in my Orange Jacket

I stayed up all night last night.
I'm sorta~kinda starting to enter that self-destructive pattern some more.
You know, the one where I don't sleep and generally dwell on things
immensely painful,
(but still beautiful).
Where I make easy tasks harder on myself.

It's autumn, I'm telling you.
I want to change lives.
I want people to be okay.
I want the to be a vivacity for life,
instead of just a getting by.

Anyway, Hi! It's week 8, though I'm not in the Liberry today.
I read two books last night, that have been wanting me to read them for years now.
I also found this:


Additionally, at some unusual hour of the night, for some reason, i wrote this down:

Hi. Hi I’m Sarah.
I hate introductions. It’s always ‘what’s your name, and a little bit about yourself’ and then everyone’s looking at me, expecting. Staring, what do they see? More importantly, what do they want to hear?
Hi. Hi I’m Sarah.
I stumble for words, unsure if I should make eye contact with someone who looks more authoritative or if that would just make things worse. It’s hard not to. Even the briefest glance around the room and my eyes lock with some of those staring faces. Faces I’ve never seen before, but will have to endure for the next four years. At least.
I try to think of what to say—how was the question worded again? Did she ask what I liked? Or was it how I spent my time? I couldn’t remember. What had I done that Summer, anyway? As I searched my brain memories that had only been weeks away stretched on and on, away and out of reach.
Hey. My name’s Kaylee; I play soccer.
Startled, I blink the world back into focus and look around. The girl to my left. With the blonde hair. Dirty blonde, I think that’s the term for it. Right. I’d taken too long. No one would be looking at me anymore, but I’m sure they thought I was strange. How hard can it be to introduce yourself, right? I looked around now, eyeing the witnesses. The boy with curly black hair behind me, looking over at Kaylee now. The girl next to him, leaning forward to whisper something to Kaylee once her introduction was complete. The girl next to Kaylee started up. Behind her was another dark haired boy in a large gray hoodie, looking over at me.
Flustered again, I started to look away, but he already had. It seemed he was glancing about the room as I was; I had just looked at a bad time.
It seemed that by now the entire first row had given their names and ‘something about themselves’ and presently the kid behind me identified himself as Marco. Next to him, Jane, next to her, Jay, and so on.
Somewhere in the third row was another girl named Sarah. Figured.
Homeroom ended with the bell and

(thats all there is to that, but what else has been going on??)
Well, I havent been on in awhile becuase ive been busy since Sefie and Skylee are here for the week, and things will get even busier for me on friday (Saturday I'll be in Michigan and Illinois).
XLORMP Twilight parody continues with The Most Second Book in the Whole Series.
My YuGiOh cards are almost done being organized; I'll challenge anyone to a duel!

Good luck on your test tomorrow Carol!

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