asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

Week 9:"Pie is pretty serious," I enhanced.

"Back to the Liberry."

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Those are the people who have commented on my Weekly Posts so far!

Today, Bella Frig reminded me of you carol!

I went this weekend to Ann Arbor, Michigan!
It was exciting.
I also went to Mokena, Illinois, which is just outside of Chicago.
And then back to Indy!
All in the same day!

Kamelot was cool.
Edguy was amazing live.

Flamboyant kangaroos were elated to discover the cause of their sudden dispsition was not only alive was was also considered an active culture! Hooray for the Batman of the West. Without him, we certainly would have all been put to sleep before noon every third sunday of the month. Not only that, but Sunday should be capitalized. Who wouldn't know that? With grammer on the rocks, everyone's too afraid to order any real beer and business has been on a downhill slope. Like the one's you'd ride your bicycles on if you weren't all scared of coming into contact with that much oxygen; I did indeed mention a kangaroo. Those jumpy big creatures are one of the few remaining rarities, and its a sad day indeed when rarities become uncommon. With them gone, what's going to stock the shelves? Are we to resort to violence and canabilism like our fathers before us? No, I think not. Hope is on the horizon. And so is the sun. And if we don't hurry one will extinguish the other. Like a fireball extingushing a puddle. And then they'll both be gone. That's the state of things. Like a state of matter of a state of golf. Well, actually a state of millitary unrest, but if unrest can be a state why can't golf? It's certainly more concrete than unrest. Unrest makes me think of zombies anyway. Not those every day (not everyday) zombies you're always hearing about on the news, you know, wandering around by night and by day attacking stranglers. I'm talking about the ones who are out the rest of the time. Who climb clocktowers in their spare time to fit in a game or two of Altitude Cribbage. What's today? Friday, Saturday, sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Altitude Cribbage, Thursday. It might be friday. I heard thats the day the government was planning on deconstructing that building. DEconstructing. It's almost UNrest. How can you expect anyone to take you seriously? The building's probably made of concrete at least. For now. Until it's DEconstructed. What is a construct, anyway? I've heard those can be build out of logic. Like a bridge. Over water. Better yet, two bridges. That way people will have to choose. Or even three, so it's not like you could just cross one and then re-cross on the other. The aligators would eat you. That's the state of things. If land-dwelling reptiles could trade consciousness among their body's like some sort of collective soul we could use them to establish world relations across seas. Art is a subtle thing. A stubble thing. A stubborn thing. Art is actually quite bold. And sometimes naked. Like a burrito, apparently. Or a mole rat. That can talk. The vampire bit into the warm, fleshy neck of the crocodile. That doesn't work. I think congress should pass legislature for the warming of crocodile blood. Maybe they'd be more friendly. Maybe they would convince their alphabetically-superior brethern to stop eating our bridge crossers. It would really give those obsessive people more of a chance. Hey! Three bridges! I can create a unified environment if I cross bridge A north, bridge B south, bridge C north, bridge A south, bridge B north, and bridge C south. I believe in commas before the last item in a list.

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