asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

today we hung out with kelli!!

that may be the highlight of my day, tho there really wasnt one highlight, cuz there were alot of awesome points.

everyone had a decent day, and im glad. i was a bit more demanding than usual, tho i dont think anyone noticed, and if they did, they handled it well; thx ppl.

day starts with me missing church, which was very bad for two reasons. one i didnt get to see sarah b or jesse, two because i didnt get the chance to see sarah p ( a situation thats getting worse as time really concerned and im starting to fear the worst..this would probably be depressing me, if it werent for the fact that im getting to hang out with the people i admire most, namely sarrah, but also matt, and as of today kelli, on a daily basis....that kinda balanceses it out.)

i overslept.
so i shower and miss skip breakfast and sarrah arrives. so she comes in and i show her what i have done for my video. i hope she liked it, even tho i realize she doesnt kno alot of the ppl in it all that well.
then we go to prepare ryans car. poodles and frogs of course.
we saw a bunny.
then we go to southeast, only to find out much to my horror that the event is cancelled.
no sno cones until July 3rd
well, needless to say, we leave church, and we go to starbucks. on hurstborne.
oh yeah..sometimes b4 SBUX me and sarrah visited taco bell. at starbucks...
play cards. matt joins us. (yay!!) sefie joins us, too. with parents. so i get some cash.
we play games with mysterious titles, and poker. revently weve been playing thinga like ers, syn, bs, etc.
we saw jena e there too! yaay!!
tho...bad news. VERY VERY VERY BAD NEWS!

they may be discontinuing Chanticos!!! *weeps* oh, life, what art thou without chantico?!????
then we went to the vine..met ryan; more cards. attended vine. afterwards met Kelli, who i suceeded in bringing into our party! so freeking cool. we go to....a smoothie party! at the home of a Melissa Jones (i think) cards!! still, it was cool that kelli came with us.
however, id like to go into alot more detail about alot of this, but im to tired, so im tring to finish this entry b4 sleeping.
after that we went to taco bell, took sarrah home, ate, and left; i brought ryan to see my video, then he left, and here i am.
good times.
oh! we also played some game named kelps or something. with 'signals' ooOOOoo.
im out.

random thought:
i miss katlyn.

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