asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

"Words for you"

Blinking, I fell asleep. My mind started drifting immeadiently, images flowing by in darkness. I think there was something about my father; I'm not really sure. Grays eventually began to take place, forming together, hues rising out of monotone, color appearing where there was none. Some sort of form, a creature maybe. It didn't look human, but I couldn't tell. It wasn't alone...there were several, marching. To war? There was a pride to their movements, a sense of purpose and intention. But there was an opening, a hole, a blackness, and the white shapes were falling towards it. There was an inevitability to it all. Noone tried to stop them because they could not be stopped. They were puzzle pieces falling into a crooked jigsaw. Lines and shapesblurring back and spinning, the hole growing larger and larger, turning, pulling, and a low rumbling sound from somewhere in the center, spreading out, into a growling, thundering roar that started everywhere at once and spread towards me in a physical form.

I was back at [my?] place, lying on my side on the couch. The light was dim, flowing in through and around the olive drab curtains from the streetlight outside, but it still came at my eyelids like a torrent. I moaned.

I also sat up, crossing my arms over my legs and laying my head on them. I moaned again. I felt like ****, my body covered in a dry sweat, the taste of bile in the back of my mouth. ****.

The fridge hummed faintly from the kitchen, grabbing my attention. I focused on it, well, as best I could. Drawing myself up, I took inventory of myself and my surroundings. There was a dull throbbing somewhere around my left shin, but it took second tier to what was going on in my skull. I reached out a hand to steady myself against a wall, moving along it to the kitchen.

I stood at the doorframe for a moment, grasping mentally for some context. None came.

There was another window in the kitchen, but the nighttime gave it no luminance, so I trudged blindly towards the hum. The thought came to me that I should know this path, but the shadowy lighting in the apartment was mirrored in my head.

"Frumfh." an involuntary sound. My foot had caught on something that shouldn't be there. I looked down

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