asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

what to do with all this,
and all this fall as well

we were in the starbucks listening to folk music playing rummy

some other time today.

and on top of that,
when i drive,
the warm heat air
that clashes with the cold
tastes sweet and smells like someone
like breathe,
singing about winters kept warm together,

and even more, to
wear these coats,
with pockets meant for more hands than mine,
and face the snow,
the snow
the snow,
thats going to fall soon,
speckling the black sky
with white lights
with cool air
blowing through warm clothes,

what am i to do with it?
these stimuli that do not want
to be known alone,

and how can i
and breathe it in witout hearing the whispers
of soft words upon my ears,
warm hands around my waist
soft skin against my lips,

in the midst of the coming winter
and the advancing fall?

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