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cl, When Every Lie's The Truth

he touched her scalp,
he touched her mouth,
he wondered why,
he wondered how;

he wondered why again.

there was a true and honest smile,
it wasnt different,
it wasnt brave and strong.


her hand was cold,
a chilly dream,
pressed close and fading into his.

somewhere above
they were below,
under all the waves of laughter and of tears.

he closed his eyes
he closed his heart,
memory the strangest thing,

her eyes so brown and clear.

there was truth,
where there were lies,
her heart stopped beating
when her lips were sealed.

dressed up here was someone else,
her legs apart,
her smile frowned.
inside out these truths were lies,
written in her hair.

worlds would turn,
and worlds will turn;
he does not understand.

for every dress and every twirl
for every kiss and every boy

life wasn't what it was.
her every truth,
her every lie,

he saw them clearly.
her silence someone else,
her vibrance somewhere else,

he saw her clearly.


she was herself before,
and now,
and in the inbetween?

she told him so,
with quiet eyes so deeply dark,
through screaming life so her.

it was only yesterday when the stars would smile
and she had praised the clouds that hid them so,
dancing in the snow.
it was only time that hid the snow
and she had dropped her voice so low,

but once.

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