asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

"I Always Try To Not Remember Rather Than Forget"

Chris Parks and Sarah Pehlke responded to my Happy Thanksgiving texts. So did Sarah Bland.

Also, Carol's parents said something interesting.

Dear Livejournal,

I went to Lousiville this weekend. It went by quick. I had a good time. I left feeling unsatisfied.

Sometimes, the life I'm living just isn't enough. I guess I still need to change myself some more if I'm to get what I want.



A few new 'concepts' were discovered, however. Vaan's hair is a popular camera angle. You need to keep your stats happy. And young. Don't cut the power to the Midkip cages! (IRL or on the SAT.) They've learned how to open doors... It's always a good idea to take a mug with you to starbucks, especially if you're buying merchandise.

Last week was thanksgiving, everyone! This also means last week was the biggest shopping day of the year (what thanksgivings all about, duh! getting new stuff! ...). Here's some updates about what went down that day. In California, in a Toys R Us, a gang fight broke out withautomatic weapons resulting in two deaths. Elsewhere, in NYC, excited coustomers at a Walmart broke down the doors as the store was opening. They not only tore the doors off their hinges, but trampled a 34-year old man to death, as well a pregnant woman who, though she survived, lost her baby.

Elsewhere in the world, I am lonely.
(actually thats not what i was planning on saying after "Elsewhere in the world, " but i couldnt really think of anything else.)

Have a nice day.

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