asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,


so, before i forget, i wanted to mention how nice it was getting back in to indy from louisville monday.

it had snowed alot but i couldnt really notice it along the major roads, the darkness drowning out anythng but the roadways. once i made it onto the quieter roads in my subdivision, however it was much more apparent. it was nice driving under the deep gray sky at night and looking at all the houses and all the yards blanketed in thck whiteness. every now and then a house would already have christmas lights up, casting a soft glow on their snowy yards. the roads had been cleared, but it had snowed enough since then to leave them slighly dusted with the stuff; a shade of wispy white. it was just enough that the roads were sparkling like diamonds, on and off in the beam of my headlights.

ah, i wish you could have seen it.

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