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Week 17: Lost Causes

Well, I know I just said I probably wouldn't get the chance to say anything till tomorrow or later, but it's Wednesday, which means my weekly update! It's the seventeenth; the last one in this sting of events. Another semester past.
Some of you may have been fooled by last week's title, which referenced "the end of everything", but it wasnt! that was only week sixteen.
haha. well, it wasnt really a joke, but a music reference.
I hope I'm not too light these days. I wonder what my livejournal would come off as to someone who didnt know me.
I wonder who i would come off as to someone who didnt know me.

I dont care about differences of opinions.
I dont care about politics.
what i care about is the individual, the heart of it all,
core knowledge and
core understanding.
who people really are

And I just wanted to come clean with Livejournal, for anyone who might have the wrong idea.
My passions are passionate.
I like myself.
Sometimes, I don't.
I've had a lot of ideas that I've never taken the initiative on, its true. In a lot of ways, my life doesn't reflect what I want. I'm not going to lie about that.

Overall, I'd like to know a lot more people. And the people I know I'd like to know a lot more. I'm nothing if not logical; I think the universe fits together well and beautifully,
but I die everyday over the sadness in people's hearts.

Noone that i've ever considered my friend goes without my concern,
and in many cases I look forward to the day when problems unadresses are solved.

I haven't forgotten anyone, but I've let far too many people get far away.

My education's still progressing; i could care less about it.
Few things are more important that education, but I've reached a point where I can freely think for myself.
I've learned how to learn and how to acquire information.
For now, my education will continue to be just a way to acquire resources, because there are too many people I'd like to make happy than I might be able to manage with what I have.

With that as an intro, I'd like to proceed with something of a normal post. What I've been up to and all that. Finals, basically. Though once I check in to class at 6:00 tonight, I'll just have two tests tomorrow and then I'll be done.
Danny and Wes were planning on stopping by here sometime i think, I should probably contact them and see. Friday is my dads birthday, but I dont think we're clelbrating it till next week. Oh yeah and theres christmas. Im even more behind than usual for my christmas plans, so I apologise in advance if i dont follow through for someone with random gifts; life's gotten in the way.
I have been playing more StarCraft instead of sleeping, as well as answering trivia questions in it's chatrooms.

Let's talk about music! Well, Allaen brought it up, and I would love to post my most listened to songs, if I had a music library at present. As it is, i dont, but I can talk to which artists showed up on my most played list, as best I remember. (though I wonder if I should even bother after my other music post with some excellent choices was completely looked over.)
Lots of Death Cab, lots of Imogen Heap. Goo Goo Dolls, Killers, Alison Krauss, Sugarcult, Wailin Jennys, 10000 Maniacs, Within Temptation, Nightwish, Nickelback, AFI, Matchbox Twenty. Then maybe a little of Hawthorne Heights, the song "I learned from you", the offspring's 'staring at the sun', some of the Cottars and a bunch of stuff i cant remember and have recorded in other LJ posts. theres alot of more indie stuff, but it typically doesnt make it onto my most played list in bulk.
That probably headlines my music. Emphasis on Imogen Heap probably more than anything else.

I think sometimes about what makes a person a person. About how we choose who and what we love. If someone forgot everything about their past, they're the same person. But if someone had different experiences to begin with, theyre a different person. In which cases does care carry over? How do we determine what is in accordance with our desires and preferences? Certainly, an individual is an individual. But what is it that defines someone as uniquely them? I see no reason to let care stop at personal preference, when, once established, that care could cross prefrences depending upon circumstance. Similarly, I don't think its appropriate to let personal preference or personality define oneself, for, doesn't it follow that if I were the one whose entire past was forgotten, I'd still be me? Or does personality only develop based upon the gradualness of changing events? And if myself is defined by something beyond what I have recollection of, is it fair to base whom I will care about upon the preferences I have at the moment, the personality I presently posess? Would not a willingness to consider worldviews outside of your own contribute to a better distribution of ones self, up to the point that conflicts with whatever one considers their ultimate 'purpose'?

Really, I just want people to know that they're beautiful, beyond just believing it, to the point they come to understand a sence of rightness outside of society's norm.
I would reject your understanding that you're okay, and tell you that you really are.
Life is a convoluted thing. So many places out there are people hurting and confused. People without a plan, people who have alot to complain about, and people who feel that they should be happy with what they have.
In all the confusion, there's a beauty that they just don't see.

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