asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

Carol's Visit

Carol came to visit for the weekend, till tuesday, actually. We had a lot of fun, quite a ridiculous amount actually. We finished season 3 of Stargate Atlantis and made it into season 4--it's exciting: I'm almost caught up! (But depressing too.. it was my goal to catch up in time to see an episode as it aired, but atlantis is almost over.) We also got me caught up in Bleach, all thr way through the seconde set of filler, which was rough. Remind me to never get involved with stange familes that spend their time making weapons that eat their users. But afterwards was excellent! During all this we played a bunch of makeshift YuGiOh games, lol. We also made some limited progress in Final Fantasy 12, though mostly on Carol's save file, which has gotten much farther than mine. Finally, and if anyone else is reading this, here's the relavent part for you, we went out to see a movie. We checked the online listsing of all local movie theatres to find something unusual and we succeded.

"Let the right one in", more officially known as "Låt den rätte komma in". The movie was Swedish; it was in Swedish, with Englsh subttles. It was also a Vampire movie, and it was good. If anyone here is at all intested in the subject, and likes well put together, thoughtful films as well, and happens to be in a city where this is [still] playing, I'd HIGHLY recommed budgeting off a decent portion of time (its rather long) and giving it a shot. I'm vouching for it.

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