asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

in response to a movie with a dragon in it.

all along is a calling
a sweet sensation running through my veins

all alone
are the whispers
a melancholy rending me again

Think of me as a vast ocean, with power and foam running all the world. I kill, and I command it, so many lives as payment for my soul. So many lives, and I believe it, the emptiness of existence all alone. Aross the sky, and through the planets, where matter flows and time is but a dream. The liflessness of all existence, the solemn drone of physics without love. And hear the crash, and feel the spray, the breakers toss and turn their prey; you've fallen far, let me embrase you, ice chilled waves to take you far away. And in my heart, down in the darkness, deep in the churning of the seas, down where your weight and skin mean nothing, down where my sickest dreams run free. there is a waking, a primal crushing, a making life from matter streams. This is the universe. Energy exists and disappates. Light travels on linear waves, and life continues to define itself. Particles move, collide and travel, along paths so randomly predetermined. Cells connect, electricity transmits, thoughts and feelings from the past. Love was once a dear and graceful thing, now so much more that time has passed. Somehow its lonely, knowing truth all alone. From down in the soul of, everything. Perception and depth and time, hollow and empty words; existance a single point, on a multi-dimentional coordinate plane. What could 'being' be? And what do we hope to solve? Matter already laid out, every moment for sure. Tide rolling in and out, somewhere down here I'm sure. Fish swim and people dream, except for the ones I've killed. Fodder is mindful; the thoughtless man stll sincere. Even from space I feel, the pull of something Real. nowwhere an atom vibrates, that I don't feel for with my soul. Nowhere can you feel lonely, that doesn't effect us all.

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