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what is a perfect circle

ring --> 7 days
rink --> blades cutting through ice
pink --> sarahs furry orange rug
punk --> gc
funk --> ddr
fink --> rat
find --> dora
mind --> brain
mine --> sweeper
mane --> horses
pane --> dismal droplets on the shutters on my mind
pans --> pan; son goku
pens --> ink..four colors in one.
pets --> littlest pet shop
jets --> jet set radio
jess --> least..lauren calls him jess
jest --> infinite jest
test --> sch***
teat --> cats.
beat --> beat
beet --> turnips
meet --> this is the way we meet. beneath this cloudy canopy. under this etheral sky.
meat --> raw beef strips (suki)
mead --> gods
mend --> and so we began to mend the tears in the fabric of our hearts
rend --> we rend our own skies.
rind --> melons
ring --> sarrah and ryan..around their neck they wear each others class rings. 7 days

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