asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

wjI've been listening to November ~{Emerson Drive}

I never would have dreamed
We'd ever say goodbye
She felt like the sun to me
On those cold November nights

I still can feel the softness of her hair
Fallin' on my face
My arms all around her
There's always somethin' 'bout this time of year
That takes me to that place
And I remember

Lookin' back I can't explain
What happened on that dark December day
I guess we were just two kids
Going different ways

I bring this up first of all because it fits my new December theme.
and foremost because..

'the softness of her hair'; it's a very true idea.
One would think, perhaps, that memory of some of the underappreciated senses would disappear first, and visual and conceptual memory would last the longest, but tisn't so.

It's killer how certain 'touch' sensations and certain smells still 'take me to that place'.

looking back i cant explain...
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