asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

And she's just so cute, it's hard to just say hi.
the busiest of days, working late, stuck behind the counter when she'll just stop by.

There really isn't any other way around it than to just stop.

When it comes down to it, what's the bigger right? The right to life or the right to choose?
If something were to happen to her would I be morally alright with letting myself die?

More and more I'm alright with just being friends, but only if I don't really see her.
It's so hard to see her and still be satisfied with life.
I guess it's a good thing there's nothing about this life that says it is meant to satisfy.
One smile, one frown, one silent and mysterious look away.

I don't think she's realized that she was the final factor
in shaping
my definition of

It's hard to forget
what still exists.
Hard to lose what
will not be

If the universe were taken as a single thing, and lain upon the ground together,
she would be all that I could see.

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