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But I didn't mean to be so timid! Your eyes are sad sometimes that it's hard for me not to be sad too. But what I ccame here tonight to say was that I LOVE YOU! The world loves you! And when you close your eyes at night and clutch at sleep know that the morning waits for you. And if sometimes I seem to stumble know you lift me up. If sometimes I seem to waver, it's only because the night assaults me as it does us all. Sometimes, I don't know what I want or where I'm headed, and I think that, sometimes, you feel the same. I think that's okay. Life tells us that it's here for the figuring out, for us to take our chances.

My indecision is not a crutch, and my life is not a meager thing. Reality is not a downward spiral, and you can eaily let go. What is love if it isn't an embracing of the day? This day.

Sometimes, it makes more sense to let entropy take it's toll.
Sometimes, it's easy to say 'I can't play with you today, the future's calling me, calling me down!'
Some days, the ground is wet and I misstep when I'm dancing and I ruin my new suit in the mud.
Some years look just like the years before, but every day you're a new iteration of yourslf, and even the stars can't out shine you when you're glowing like a new horizon
plucked from the richest branch and made into a fine fermented rain.

Dipping deep, wash your coat in the warm antarctic sea.
Splash around and play with me.
Toss a new smile
on an old place,
dance together and play with me.

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