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green grass grows in the wind; 

im in that nice state between sleep and consciousness.
tho i still wanna see my friends.
its been awhile since i saw erin.
theres still so much i wanna do with sarah b.
a highlight of my day was just as the day began (midnightish) which i shared with sarah martin and scott out in sarah's lawn.

she has very pretty eyes.

a very touching thing happened yesterday. i was at my house when my friends showed up. sarrah ryan and kyle.
after i had been so lonely, it was a wonderful gesture, and it made my day.
im still very moved.
thank you guys. you're really good friends.

another important thing was kelli, whom was with us again last night.

one day i hope to let these people see how beautiful they are.
it suprises me how many of them dont like their feet.
kelli went on the other day about how weird her feet were, but i liked her feet.
sarrah was complaining some about her feet, i think i recall beka not liking hers, and emily too.
quite frankly, i have to dissagree. i dont have some obsession with feet or anything, but so what if not everyone feet are the same. they can still be pretty.
theres alot of intresting things about emily. pretty things. i like her feet.
sarrah doesnt like her voice. (neither do seef or treni. however, treni can sing in a very talented to sing alot of songs i wouldnt think alot of people i know could. and sefie, well..i cant say ive ever heard her sing poorly. she is able to match sounds together beautifully.) as for sarrah, she has an amazing voice. its not 'perfect' in the stricktest sence of the word, but thats good. (ive addressed imperfect singing in other people in other entries as well). as i hope people will come to see, being flawless as it is usually defined only makes something worth ignoring. and something else id like to say, partly as a justification for all the video i take, sarrahs voice is both beautiful and relaxing, and there is no other sound i can think of that id rather hear. singing or talking.
and seef. seef doesnt think she is beautiful, when in all actuality she is. she overdoes it in trying sometimes, but i cannot stress enough her beauty. someonw would have to be blind not to realize that, which is why im very concerned for sefie, who doesnt. sefie doesnt need major change, or minor change..ask anyone and theyll agree how beautiful she is; ask me. you dont have to try so hard.
i have to disagree with treni as well. treni is not at all as insignificant as she believes. she has been able to come to alot of conclusions much earlier that other people. and alot of them she puts into practice. its really marvelous. but she has this erred mental image of herself. i want her to see how much she is worth, and how much she has meant to alot of people. dont get used treni. you have a unique and clear perspective.

my Trademark CD is done. all's left is to burn it.
copy T for myself,
copy M for matt.

i still wanna get out to sixflags.

well, its time for dinner.

later turkeys (tee. sorry sarah..had ta steal it ^___^ )

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