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Yahoo! Answers

(and to continue spamming posts on a Wednesday afternoon...)

So, I've been saying I was going to post about Yahoo! Answers, and now I am!

For anyone not familiar with the service, in a nutshell, people ask questions, and other people answer them! I thought Yahoo! was pretty smart originally for coming up with this (I realize other sites have similiar services). Anyway, in the years since it came out it's kinda gone down hill. But I frequently answers all sorts of questions on there. I come accross everything from physics problems to dating advice to maritial issues to politics and religion to, well, just about everything. Most questions I see are not very intelligent.
Anyway, I'm just going to list a bunch of them. And don't forget to keep in mind: these are REAL questions REAL PEOPLE are turning to other REAL PEOPLE on the INTERNET for help with.

I'm addicted! (to answering them)

I'll even number them so if you want to say something about them it'll be easy!
And I'll put it behind a Cut for everyone who doesn't care! :)

    Yahoo! Answers (questions other people have asked)
  1. How can someone call themselves jewish if they do not have a jewish mother?

  2. If there was a job where you got paid to tickle tied up people all day, would you take it?

  3. Assume that Aliens sinned would they need Jesus to save them?
    Assume that Aliens exist, and they sinned just as Man did would they need Jesus or is it possible they have their own way of salvation?
    Didn't Adam and Eve curse the Universe because of their sin? or did they just curse the Earth?

  4. Do cats have murderess intentions?
    I have one very spoiled cat and one really stupid cat.
    My spoiled cat loves to get into my sewing kits, pushes my box into the floor so it will burst open so my stupid cat will eat all the string.
    My spoiled cat will also open my bathroom cabinet doors and never go inside but yet my stupid cat will go in and eat the hair rubber bands.
    I am constantly baby proofing this house because of my stupid cat.
    My stupid cat will eat any thing in the floor like a new puppy and I am starting to think my spoiled cat is very much aware of this.
    Is my spoiled cat...actually...trying to kill by stupid cat?

  5. How I can become fat with a short time?
    I am thin regarding to my age. My age is 19. Can I take drugs. What may be side-effect if I take drugs.

  6. How was the colony acquired? (How did they get it?)?
    im talkin about Rwanda its the colony....please help me

  7. Im a half black and white and scene?
    im a half black and white and scene i wanna do something fun with my hair for the summer but idk what to do. I dont really look to black more really tan white girl or mexican. Help please!

  8. Were can i find a (real) scientist?
    i need to find a scientist to give (him/her) a sample of my hair s he can find something to make my hair grow long .

  9. What is an airheater?
    (In terms of boilers)

  10. What would you call a person who claims that they have the gift to see air and wind?
    I think that I have a gift and that gift is to be able to see air blowing and moving,I can go into a room and I can tell if the air in that room is dirty or fresh clean air because if it is clean air in the room things would look clearer and the air would be clearer,however is a room has dirty air the air would be kind of heavy and smoky and well I can just tell.

  11. how can i make eye contact when i go out without staring or miss percieving a threat? if i look at another?
    man and i look away because i feel scared, because im afraid to hold eye contact, i feel as though hes taken control and made me feel afraid, then it triggers a rage outburst and the urge to act really scared of this, because i dont want to get into trouble, but im angry and enraged that i can never hold eye contact, because i try desperatly to be condfident and in control, but then when another guy looks at me, my eyes lock, and i feel compelled to stare until he looks away, but i can never do it, and i always end up looking away, i percieve a threatening situation and dont no how to handle it, so then i have a rage outburst, and have been very lucky in the past, not to ruin my life. so because of this now, i wont go out because im scared ill flip, and do something i regret..
    i have bpd, but i just wanna feel in control of my life and confident to look where i want, not afraid to hold eye contact, because then i feel, ive lost control, and theyve taken it from me

  12. Got back together with her but? help?
    ok i broke up with my gf cause she was 2 violent and i got back together with her a month later oh yeah i for got to metion we were engaged. but any ways while we were broke up in the month peroid she kissed one of my friends and kissed another guy that she seen at some party this messed up on her half or am i just being stupid complaing about this

  13. I can't relate to young children?
    I need conversation; ready understanding from them. Their illogic, poor articulation, all bother me. I often can't make sense of their mumbling and irrational stories, and have little patience for either. Maybe I'm just a jerk, but is there more? I don't hate children. I like interacting with them. It's good to hear them laugh, but I hate simplifying for them. Is this covered under any mental conditions.

  14. I want to destroy my convict uncles Ford Ranger, what should i do to it?
    put water in the gas tank? i need something easy that will destroy it. he deserves it, believe me.

    OK, I asked about how to get a girlfriend in high school and people say be cute! Like how?

  16. Isn't it harsh ( I really want opinions please..?? ?
    PLEASE READ THE WHOLE TEXT Please.. because I really want to know your guys opinion and how I should go around with her and these are only like the main facts.
    Sorry in advance for the mistakes and for writing so wirr warr but it would have taken even longer if I would have written it all correctly, so I hope yo understand it.
    A friend of mine told me about her life and I really don't want ot talk about it, but that's why I'm doing this anoym.
    She grew up only with mom and grandma. So I assume her first years were ok then, her mother got arrested because her insurance stamp on the car wasn't valid when she was 5. Her mom came out 2 days later and got community service. A year later they moved to florida then a year later back to the california ( the daughter got sent with a box to make money and was said to say she needs it for her school as a donation). Her mom got arrested again and this time because she never had done her community service because she forgot it as she moved to florida. The daughter came in a foster family, then her grandma kidnapped her from the foster family and then hid. After a while they found her and she came back in fostercare then her grandma kidnapped her again. And hey hid after a while they found the mom and arrested her (because they thought she kidnapped her) but the daughter and grandma hid. Then 2 years later they found the grandma and kid and took the kid to a childs home and arrested the grandma. Then a year later the family sent the kid to europe where the family is actually from and where there relative were. And Mom and grandma were still in jail after a year and a half the grandma came out because the mom took all charges on her although she didn't kidnapp the kid. The grandma went to the country where the kid was and the mom went to prison for another 1 and half years (so she was in jail/prison for 3 years altogether) meanwhile the kid was by relatives as the grandma came they started making problems etc. so then they sent the kid to a childs home in the other country. Then a year later she finally got to live with her grandma and a couple month later her mom came. they lived normal for a while but the mother started drinking really badly and getting abusive etc. then they moved from apartment to apartment in that country. Then when she was 15 she and her mom started travelling all around europe and also slept in a car sometimes.. and with 16 moved to london and has a normal life (from what I know) and her mom stopped drinking and that was it ..
    for example she already had her first boyfriend with 10 at her relatives then at 13 she feel in love and had a boyfriend until she was 15 and it broke her heart, so she started cutting her wrist.
    But she didn't have sex yet, hates to drink, doesn't smoke etc. She herself seems to be a really good girl though and beautiful really beautiful as well, hard to believe after all she's gone through....
    And there still are a lots of details but if I tell every detail it's to much to write and to much to think about as well.. because the details are even worse then the main facts.

  17. I need help I tihnk that I?
    worry too much, and I'm worried that worrying too much is going to turn my hair grey and cause it to fall out or cause me to age and look older, what do I do how do I not worry so much?I just find it HARD in life sometimes as I've got a lot on my mind all the time and William Shakespeare when he wrote Hamlet was right - it is like that in Life!!!

  18. Whats your greatest fear?
    Mines satilite dishes (the big ones)

  19. What is the soul? What is its shape? size? From where does it escape on death?

  20. How is math used today?

  21. Is She Right or Am I?
    Okay my mom tends to counsel me on relationships. In her opinon she thinks its trashy/hoe-ish that i tend to get with guys ive barely known for a couple of weeks and not last more than a month with them.To me its not really that bad because its not like im going to get TO serious with them from the begging. I mean hey if we get serious on the way then we do so what. But she counsels me like im going to marry the dude or something and i hate it. Right now shes going on about my current bf Alex (Not his name). Because ive only talkd to him for about 2 weeks then got with him. In her view you have to know the person for more than 2 months before you "Get With" them. But seriously is some guy really gunna wait two or three months for you? I say just go for it from the begging.
    Anyone have ani point of view they would like to share or any advice?

  22. Naked in a hotel room?
    I am going to be at my hotel room by my self for 2 days as my parents have to go out for bussines but i want to do something that will let people see me naked "acidentally" but i dont no what to do

  23. Is the Mormon faith a scam?
    The story behind the Mormon faith sounds way too far fetched, how did this become a religions?!
    so he found a "tool" to translate a scripture, then when his translation was hidden and he was asked to re translate he got angry and went to the woods to pray (think really) he came back and said "god was angry about this" and said he would translate a different doctrine, it was pretty much the same but a little different.
    I'm mean if it was true he could have just re translated exactly the same instead of going to the woods to think of a lye, then coming back with this load of cr*p story. When looking into how this religion was created it's pretty obvious it's a lye.

  24. How easy is it to play electronic Japanese Chess?
    If very few other people have done it before, I might make it myself!

  25. Just about to eat this pizza should i eat it all?
    403 calories per 20%
    seems high?

  26. My little doggie has a leg
    My dog's a Pomeranian mix. She fell from about 1 and a half feet from the ground outside yesterday. After that she wouldn't use her hind right leg. Today she still won't use it; she hops around on 3 legs.
    I've looked up things on dog leg injuries and they all say just wait to see if it gets better.
    She is 6 years old and I'm wondering if she'll be okay. I can move the leg and she only yelps if I move it in a certain direction. I know she's not in serious condition because she still eats and drinks.
    Can I wrap it or bandage it to help it heal?

  27. What exactly IS a wall of death, because i THINK ive seen one but im not sure?!?
    When i was at rise against at manchester academy in february i was in a mosh pit and there were loads of people shouting 'WALL OF DEATH! WALL OF DEATH!' and im not 100% on what one is.. help!

  28. Appropriate rock songs for a funeral?
    Hello, Please I need so serious help my husbands brother past aways and they want us to make a playlist for him all he realy likes is pretty hard rock music but neither of us know much rock music so I need serious help at picking decent rock funeral songs PLEASE HELP it will mean the world PLEASE!!

  29. Should i visit him in jail?
    I have been talking to this guy for a long time and we recently had been talking about getting together and dating. But, unfortunately one night when he was out with the guys he got arrested due to little stupid decisions he made. Nothing serious. He was arrested at 3:00 in the morning and called me at 4:00 AM on the inmate collect call phones. Unfortunately i was sleeping and missed the call. So, i am not completely sure it was him who called me, but i don't know anyone else in jail and i have no way to find out who exactly it was. My point is that i can't call him back because of the inmate phone system, so should i go visit him on visiting hours? Or is that too forward being that we're not dating?

  30. List the reasons liberals are obsessed with sex and abstinence?
    I thing libs are obsessed with sex and sexual scandal. I believe in family responsibility. Yes I am a Christian and guess what sex is a part of my life. I enjoy it and I expect my children to enjoy it also in a good marriage. I do not expect them to stay abstinent, but I think it is a good idea. This is really simple. You pay to play. You drive a car and wreck it you pay the damage. You cause a pregnancy you pay for 18 or more years at the least. Sex with strangers is as dangerous as licking a toilet seat. Why not just be responsible to yourself and your family. Stop making this so complicated, people have sex so what, its a responsibility just like any other. No one goes to the bathroom on the side walk and then claims they have the freedom to do so. Why, because it is a responsibility to the health and Hygiene of others to use a bathroom.

  31. What should I name my chickens?
    I'm getting 5 chickens...well my grandpa is getting them for his garden. (His garden is on my property.) I've decided that I'm going to let the general public name them.
    Two are already named (also courtesy of the general public).
    Ferguson and Kickin' Wing...yeah I know...
    Anyway...throw em out dog friends! Name my chickens!

  32. Do you think obama was born in hawaii?

  33. Why is gas so expensive? Wouldn't it be cheaper if they put it in smaller barrels?

  34. While driving, you see a bag on the side of the road.....?
    What do you think might be in there, and do you stop to check?

  35. Who makes a better wife, a Thai babe or a Filipina girl?
    I was wondering if any of you could give me advise on whether I should marry a Thai babe or a Filipina girl. I plan on bringing her back to Canada with me after our marriage in her home country.

  36. Need help whit child support fora kids thats not mine?
    do i haf to pay support 4 a kid that she said was mine 12years ago i took a blood test the baby was not mine but the state of missouri is making me pay them a lot of money back what 2 do ?

  37. If you had been feeling some distance in your marriage ....?
    I feel like there is something wrong in my marriage. My husband doesn't show affection to me very much anymore, and our sex life pretty much sucks. ..I am 7 months pregnant with our second child and dont get me wrong I haven't let myself go I've only gained 15lbs and I'm still a hot mama!!! I feel like I've been trying everything and I just can't get through to him. I really dont think he's having an affair or anything, I just feel like something is WRONG..maybe he doesn't love me anymore..I'm just not sure..I wrote him this text earlier and got no response....which I found kind of upsetting.. would it upset you??? "I feel like we are distant lately..I love you and think about you every second of my day. I hope you feel the same..sometimes life gets stressful but just remember i'm always here...i miss you!!" I think we need a definate talk I just dont like to overeact b/c of pregnancy hormones and stuff...any input on what I should do people?

  38. What is Solar Radiation and Combustion of Fuels?

  39. How can i increase my Faith in god?

  40. Why am i always tired?
    I'm 24, i work mon-thursday 830-530..i go to bed at about 1030 and wake up about 730..thats 8 hours of sleep..i eat well and am semi active but i always feel tired.. i could always take a nap? its only been about the past 6 months! whats wrong with me

  41. How do you turn the oven on ?
    hm, help please ?


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