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The yellow bird and the city girl.

This morning I saw a man bicycling down the road with a 2-3 foot large green Macaw on his shoulder. It was one of the most intense things ever.

Things that frustrate me:
()People who don't take religion seriously.

There's this girl, Kelly, I think, in my class who is very intelligent. She's also very skeptical, and has had that air about her throughout my Philosophy of Religion class that, whenever something is said the implies the Bible isn't really that siginificant, she's like, 'ha, that's right', but whenever arguments are made to say there's merit to it, it's easy for her to shrug it off. She's not the only one, though, she at least does it much more intelligently than others.

Another topic.
"why can't beautiful moments just be beautiful moments? Why do religious [fanatics] always have to read evidences of God into them?"

If there is a god, many people argue that one trait of god would be omnibenevolence, or 'all good'. God is good, or perhaps even more accurately, good is god. All aspects of inate goodness constitute divinity. To this end, beautiful moments are not merely indicitive of god, but are ultimately god, or at least, a facet of god.

I also wanted to talk about hell. Becasue, when exposing myself to uninsightful critique, there are always those people who argue, 'how could a good god send anyone to hell'..the idea that disobedience is punishable by eternal torment.

I've never had a problem with this. A), first and foremost, just because a god would do something people dont like does nothing to diporvethat god. The supernatural is, obviously, not dependent upon the natural.
Second of all, and a much better point, it is not god's 'intention' to send anyone to hell.
It's odd to me that Christianity has to put up with this so much as opposed to other religions. Other religions teach various paths towards enlightenment, betterment, nothingness, wholeness, what-have-you. Intrinsic to their teachings is that, if their path isn't followed, the individual will not be able to reach that improved state. Why is it so strange then, to think that Christianity would argue that, if the life oe lives and the intentions of one's heart are not inline with divine goodness, then that individual cannot ultimatly be a part of that divinity?
God is good. By nature all good things are god. Hell is the absence of god; hell is the absence of good. God is the absence of chaos. There is no divine intent, merely human freedom in the determination of spiritual alignment.
The only additional component tha christianity would argue is that, man cannot on his/her own become purely good and completely without chaos, and therefore divinity has created Jesus, or a path by which it is possible for mankind to reach perfection.

Yellow bird, city girl, come and sing for me, all alone.
Out on my way to work, today, I came upon a golden cage.
Inside a yellow bird would sit, and hop around for a little bit.
Somewhere a plane was taking off, and you, dreaming, were getting on.
My heart was held in tight constraint, and, somehow, was skipping beats.
Each shoe came down on cracked cement, consequence of life without intent.
And then, right there, in the city square, was a cage.
Yellow bird, city girl, come back home to me, all alone.
I feel I've lost what moves my feet, tied to the ground that moves beneath.
It takes me places I don't want to go, tired and hungry and all alone.
The jet engine growls with your eyes on the moon.
Dear yellow bird, hurry home.

I found the cage and I carried it home, put it on the window sil and left it alone.
My house would glow with sweet delight, yellow bird singing all through every night.
Yellow bird, city girl, came and sang with me, all alone.
I was as happy as I could be, listening to you who was singing for me.
Then while I was singing along, I opened it up for you to sing your song.
That night you flew from my room, plane landing somewhere out on the west coast.
My grey house is lit by a single gold cage, and I climb inside to pass by the days.
My yellow bird with your eyes on the moon, come on home.
Dear city girl out there singing your tune, come on home.

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