asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

Well, I managed to pump out two final papers within a day of them both being due. Work is just so boring without an deadline looming on the dawn. :)

    In other news, I managed to finish three things on the animé scene:
  • Minami-ke: Okaeri (Season 3)

  • Xam'd: Lost Memories

  • Toradora!

Amidst all the worthless anime I've been coming accross lately, all three were incredible shows.

Anyway, after almost two days of paper writing and very little sleep, I've just got two more hours before i can head home to sleep watch LOST.

the killers are playing here this weekend but i dont think im going to make it. im pretty tired, but more importantly, i dont really do concerts alone.

that's all. really!

  1. I need help distracting myself during lunch at school.(Thinspo girls/guys only)?
    Ok so im 16 and i need your help. Usually i sit at the picnic tables outside in the court yard with my friends, and everyone but me usually eats, but lately i have been tempted to eat and i get rly hungry smelling their foods and i try not to give in and eat, but for the past two days i have gave in but only to a small salad. Today i have actually used Fat Free Ranch Dressing on my salad. Please help me with distractions i can do at school.

  2. "HOW" do I get a second email address?
    not just where to go or what to do tell me HOW to do it thanks

  3. What is the grammatical use for "are"?
    what is the definition of "are"

  4. Found something out about my last name and want to know?
    so ive known about my greek heritage for ever and taken much pride in it. so the other day i went to my uncle johns(one of the only family members left that came here directly from greece) and he started talking and he as like do know what ur last name is. and i said of course i do its adams(my last name) and he was like no ur an hagiadomos. and i said what do u mean and he said ur last name should be that. and i asked why and he said cause ur papou had his last name changed for he shamed it. and then i had to leave and its been bothering me. i cant figure out wat my last name means(hagiadomos)i tried seacrhing but cant find anything. iw as wondering if anyone for any reason knew what it meant

  5. It is ok to give chicken soup to my 2 months puppy?
    he is being sad and he does not want to eat two day now...i ready take him to the vet gave him some medicine but not good results i just want him to eat something, im going to take him to the vet today again thank you a lot.

  6. Is hummus good or bad for you?

  7. Do you have an 8-10 year old son/daughter?
    What do you love about this age group the most?
    Do you still find them cute, or are you amazed at how much they've grown?

  8. What are the major functions of the circulatory system?

  9. How do you write in for free entry?
    I want to enter a contest on t.v. What do I do just send an envelope with an index card with my name and address or something?

  10. What year will the U.S. run out of lumber?
    I see a lot of logging, a lot of paper waste, but not much planting. We will run out, what year do you suppose?

  11. I want to find out what weight when i was born?
    birth weight found something. Born at 01.43am, weight 2.350 kilograms length 32 cm
    so i want to know what kilo into pound and can you tell me what pounds was i when i was born???

  12. How to make the neck of a shirt smaller?
    so prtty much all my shirts fit me prtty good but someo of them have really big necks how can i fix that


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