asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

It was the cold collection of many, many lives that brushed by me this morning. Somewhere in the subway off the streets of city life. I was never really alone. Not when I could hardly walk without stepping into the path of another beating heart--thump! Oh I'm sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going.--My shoulders colliding, my coat keeping me safe.

It's always florescent in the tunnels, and I much prefer the daylight. Down here you can know people by the gleam of their head. Slick back gel style reflecting light office meeting home at seven. Slight glow tossled hair holding hands day off headed uptown. And that guy, whats with him? Hair so ragged that even the florescent lights don't have a chance? He lives here. He doesn't glow. City's underbelly showing itself again. I make my way towards the sun.

So many stairs so many turns and turnstills, blub blub, I am drowning by the time I reach the surface. I feel like I've held my breathe forever. Some people, I think, are fish. Once you hold your breath for so long, you grow gills and get used to the sea. Gasping, I come up onto Short Avenue.

Short, like me. It doesn't really matter now as I bask in the sun, drying myself off. But it's still true. 4'11", as of last Christmas. Dinner with the family. Tight dress, formal manners. Daddy's mom: "ahh, look how she's grown!" Measure me up, size me up, some new pet to feed for a day and then I'm home again. It's nearly September now. I could be a good 5'3". I bet I am.

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