asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

those who say, "i want peace" are fools,
and those who say, "war will solve our problems" have no future.
the answers' not in speaking,
but actions don't speak louder than words.
saying that you are a revolutionary only tears you off the path of a simple life,
and when you support the institution, you're giving up your right to be free.
don't say you love me, giving up yourself for a fleeting feeling.
don't go without me, life has never been so simple you could do it with just one set of wings.

those who are dreaming have never heard the sound of hardship ringing in their sleepy ears.
and those who put up with the mundane can't say they made a single darn thing of their lives.
purist philosophy breeds intolerance,
but ignorance will always burn the ignorant's souls away.
to think that you've the answer will only lead to questions again, someday,
and when all you ask are questions, you're missing out on the simpler pleasures that can just be.
don't stay here with me, unfit comittment merely dragging the both of us down.
just say you love me, association having grown strong enough to make the three words fit.

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