asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

A simple spell in time,
won't you take me to the east coast, love?
Forgiving what we've done,
forgetting what we're not,
a day is not a day that doesn't end up alright.

Don't take me from the sun,
it's everything I've dreamed.
When light is just a bit of sympathy
poor misguided empathy
everyone's afraid of me
it's just so quiet

It was fun the other day,
trading kisses in our own forgotten way.
We stripped down just for fun,
our bodies pressed together working out much better on the floor
than they had on paper.

I dip and you slide,
we're at the end of another roller coaster ride.
Each bend and each sway,
gotta hurry before the park closes down today.

Paint it black and leave it be,
the car ride up from Vegas was never as I wanted it to seem.
A three day's walk and
you're car's not there
the shutters pulled,
but I still let myself in with the back door key.

Target practice on the President's lawn
bows and arrows still go arm in arm.
As I try to seperate the two
the target goes
and goes and goes and goes and goes...
and theres a thousand ways to miss you,
each one singing from inside its nest.
so many ways to miss you
I think I'm the one who knows it best.

The pills I take connect the dots.
A pretty picture penciled in in black and white.
Life's exciting when it moves my heart.
Life only ever moves my face.

Waking up at the end of every day,
the sunlight smiles as it slowly slips away
casting warmth on everybody all at once
then plunging us all into darkness in its love.
If we
dont learn
to row
then the water slipping in
will drown us that much faster.

On the east coast, love.
On the east coast.

I laid down the other day,
my mind just killing time in it's own way.
A girl flashed by that I'd never met.
She looked like you but she was all wet,
saying 'we just cant always seem to stay afloat'
saying 'but i have always wanted off that boat.'
I smiled at her though we'd never met.

The other day I caught a plane.
My hand enormous pulled it down out of the sky.
While all the birds looked on amused,
I thought it strange that such a cage would ever fly.

A bullet tears right through my heart,
some dark alley in the middle of the night.
Some errant man in a mask who was looking for a fight.
There is no nine-one-one call for me,
but my mind, it wanders, as my body lays there dying.
How strange it is that this man would hit
my beating heart in a single shot
accross the alley and in the dark,
for there are a thousand ways to miss,

and I've missed you.

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