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sefie totally thought of this first.

150 random facts, because i take surveys all the time

my name is tk.
i dont think kyle idleman is love.
i am a proud member of the billy white fanclub.
i have on sevceral occasions considered taking wesgrandma's side.
i have never seen daggett live.
i try not to hate anything but sin.
the only song that even made me cry every time i heard it was there you'll be from pearl harbor.
i dont have my liscense, even though im 18.
i consider myself a poet artist dreamer romantic and idealist.
multiple people have suggested id be good at architecture.
aside from my immeadient family who ive always known, ive spent more time thinking about sarrah than any other person.
except for one summer, ive never had daily personal devotions, and thats a bad thing.
even though i have never pursued art or writing, i have no doubt theyll play apart in my future occupation.
although i get jealous easily, when it comes down to it, im a strong advocate of other peoples happiness.
the first girl i ever kissed was beth mclain.
im am very much like trevor powers.
i usually get straight A's, and its because of God's blessings.
for much of my life my favorite color was purple.
i love bunnies.
i believe in evil conspiracy amoung chipmunks and squirrels; they scare me.
i used to say i liked 'alternative' music; now my favorite is trance.
ive never had a soft drink.
ive only tasted coffee a time or two.
my favorite resturant is macorroni grill
25i like salmon.
i once owned a hamster named zachery, after the power ranger, zack.
i usually like the way i look.
i tend to guess at strangers childhoods and ftures when i see them.
when walking with people i take short cuts and mysteriously appear in front of the other person.
i believe in the power of prayer.
i believe in man as having infinite strentgh.
i never got a dress code or tardy in high school.
one of the things i like about sarah bland is how she sometimes mixes up words and letters when typing.
the only other girl ive ever kissed was sarah pehlke.
a kid named cameron taught me to pop my knuckes back in elementary school.
despite my intrest in japan, id rather go to iceland.
i like sarah martin's voice at those certain times, and her eyes all the time.
back when i wanted to cut myself i resisted, after the desire was gone i gave in a few times.
ive only ever said a bad word twice, and its probably not something you'd consider a bad word.
i tithe.
i have gone invisible to avoid talking to people before, and thats probably bad.
i tell people nearly anything about myself.
i do not open up to people easily at all, but its not intentional.
matt is one of my rolemodels.
my hero is mr. will.
i like to make up songs.
the first girl i ever had intrest in was brittney (waay back when)
id rather not take medication because without it one is oneself.
ill never get drunk because id be afraid of myself if i lost conscious control (not the only reason)
50the only thing ive ever stolen was a lego or two from mcdonalds.
i have ADHD
i am easily depressed.
i believe in defining ones present circumstances as 'good'
i want to lick someones fingers.
ive only been to a hospital as a guest.
i once picked armadillo as a spelling word in third grade.
my cat is a free magic elemental bound to the abhorsen by the power of a bell.
i love to dance.
microwavable foods are my friends.
in certain moods, i get poetic and all my words and thoughts come out as verse.
i once loved christine taylor.
i have alot in common with carol, even tho neither of our intrests are really prominent.
my eyes were my best/strongest feature, and theyre making a comeback.
i can be funny, somehow.
i believe in being random and going against the norm.
i often find myself holding a veiw or belief merely because people wouldnt expect me to.
i enjoy any time i spend around erin.
i sometimes wish i was a better influence / more of an influence on sefie.
i feel lilly is underappreciated.
i love to read, in theory, but in actuality, i dont get aroung to it that often.
i am too familiar with the internet.
i often give up have self pity and dont get anything done.
i rarely promise anything becasue id like my word to be good enough.
sleeping gets in the way of me keeping my word sometimes.
75i believe a lie can be truth if it is mutually understood to be a lie.
i try not to see rated r movies in theatres.
i like girls better generally without makeup, tho its not something id make a big (or small) deal out of.
as a rule of thumb, id side against peircins maybe and tattoos definately.
i cannot disprove that we arent all in the matrix.
i dont think ive ever personally returned anything ive ever owned.
i believe in duct tape.
im generally friendly and am more likely to agree with a girl than with a guy on something.
i have no enemies unless someone hurts my friends, at which point their safty is no longer insured.
despite my randomness, i am usually extremely cautious.
in large groups i often try and comment after everything everyone says.
i often talk when i wish id shut up.
i am good with secrets, but only if i know its a secret.
i dont deal well with criticism.
i get angry easily, but i tend to calm down just as easily.
the key factor behind any success i have are my mothers daily prayers on my behalf.
my favorite praise song for such a long time was my glorious.
.hack changed my life.
i would like to get to know sarah martin better.
i think my poetry is better than it actually is.
i think i can sing when i probably cant.
alot of who i am is thanks to push books, sarrah, matt, and southeast.
i think two people with alot of potential are mandy heckard and danielle weiss.
im no good at relationships, despite my passion for people.
i really like physical contact / touch
100i have awards for both chess and piano.
i like the number 125
i consider myself more goth than anything else and i dont care what other people would say about that.
i believe one can never go wrong with sporks.
according to sefie, i have a fetish for little girls
caffine has an opposite affect on me.
i think i have a pretty decent understanding of life for my age.
i pretty much use the same password for everything.
i think id be pretty cool if ersigh read this, because ersigh is cool.
i am going to purdue to study graphic design, for some reason.
i think emily, sarah pehlke's sister, has alot of good traits.
i still feel extremely shy when it comes to calling people
i like to make peoples days
beka is one of the better friends i have, as far as friends go.
cyndi's just unique and gets along with me well.
im glad i started talking to kelli after all these years
i dont know if ill want to keep on living after i have to leave all my friends.
i feel like ive accomplished something in my life.
i love to be outside in God's creation.
often times the moon is closer to me than my best friend.
my best friend is scott hendrix.
before him it was clay, before him ryan, before him courtney, jason, and patrick collectively.
i can be posessive when it comes to friends.
i like to oversee everything-know everything that is going on with the people i care about.
125i am astethic.
blades and fire interest me.
i dont mind my glasses.
i dont like the way friends these days put each other down in inside jokes, even tho i do it with my male friends.
bon jovi and sixpence none the richer have been my favorite groups for as long as i can remember.
"kiss me" is my favorite song.
i feel like im on a mission.
i respect that which respects me.
im respecting louisville more and more, as it does me.
i love nyc.
i save one dollar bills.
i try not to kill insects.
kelli said i am a good listener.
i cherish select memories.
alot of life i view as an anime or an rpg...i find myself filling 'friend meters' all the time
i believe in a happy ending for earth.
in third grade during recess i caught crickets.
respecting girls is one of the most important things in life, i find.
i take most news cooly because there really isnt any reason not to.
the most beneficial class i have ever taken was mrs. blomker's.
i find myself somewhat jaded to the ills in todays media
if i had a superpower, id choose to stop time; tho flying would be oh so tempting.
i like the girls names sarah michelle tiffany and rachel the best, i think.
i believe in the significance of everything.
i dont think aliens are exist.
150i think there is only one possibly outcome for any given situation, though i do not specifically believe in predestination.
151i am a Christain, first and foremost.

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