asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

You were drowning and I was drowning,
back in the day we both were drowning,

we saved each other there.

I would you keep afloat,
you would I the same as well.
For a short lifetime,
we held each other well.

But then one day you took a breath
And in giving me one final kiss,
dove beneath the waves.

I cannot say how I wept that night,
so sure you'd drowned and nothing,
nothing had I done.

A little later on when I had gathered myself
I followed after you,
I took off on my own.

Thanks to you I'd learned to swim,
and I to you te same as well,
all these miles away,
all these years away.

Every now and then I see your waves,
so sure now that you haven't drowned,
just swiming on your own,
and I swimming as well.

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