asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

my password at my last school was ********.
my password here at IUS is *****************************.

Other than that, it's gone pretty well. A couple classes might actually be a bit challenging, but it's all good. I'm probably changing my Monday-Wendsday ONLY class schedule to include one Tuesday-Thursday class. I caught the last half of the Asian Pop Culture Club which was awesome! I don't hang out with actual people often enough. I missed most of the anime *sadface* but we played munchkin. WITH TANNER. win.

I've seen Danny, Wesley, and Ryan at least once already, and yesderday had Carol come up for a visit before we went back to her place for a bit. I've got a (new) roommate, tho I haven't really had enough downtime at the dorm to really get to know him yet.

WOW update: Reed and Aikura have reached lvl 69. Got out of Tekkor Forest and made it through Nagrand; we're now fighting in Shadowmoon Valley. Cloak's still at 74 and still trying to finish up Howling Fjord.

(1) NO CAN HAS TORRENTS (so i hear, at least)
My massive inflow of anime has been stemed! what shall I do??? I'm working through some solutions/options, but theyre not all that great. i really need to inquire into exactly what IUS's policy on filesharing is.
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