asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

for the record (facts only), yesterday evening consisted of getting picked up by sarah m for the vine, doing that with her, beka, and maddy [yaay!], going to SBUX with sarah m maddy beka seef and ryan and later sarah m's friend alex. and then wendys with seef sarah m maddy and beka.

i would like to go into that more, but the time for that has passed.

and tho what im going to say about today id like to make pubilc, i will not, as im going to speculate into relationships and peoples thoughts about the same. and i wont speculate properly with an audience.
and so youll just have to settle with the fact that i scotts phone is infected by indiana, there was a cool crowd at the mall today, i once again damaged wesleys house without meaning to, ed got us all into batman beyond (his treat; thanks), where the seating went me sarah m scott and then ed and ryan (or maybe ryan and ed) and it was fun. we had sweetarts. lots of them.

and erin wasnt at the meeting today.

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