asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,


when i learned your name, i'd say it to myself in the shower, everyone forgetting that the
essence of your story remained ever the same.

here we are:
clover spinning into you your
face a glow, and my skin is
glowing like yours, whatever 
this is it's just the way that
we met.

i keep believing,
now why would i do that?

somebody's strong, somebody's gentle, somebody's grabbing you from out of your car.
(hey! you! somebody help me here!)
tell me your latitude and longitude and maybe i'll just give you a call,
it's been a while sort of a chat. and
                                  all of that.

these days you breathe, oxygen just pleases the cells. the way you please me!
take it in and, ahh, the exhale! the way you need me.

you say good morning,
i say good night, 
seems like we've got our wires crossed again.

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