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Some fall mornings still grasp me by suprise. I wake up without any new words to describe how I feel,
meet the day and feel safe and feel the same. It's hard not to smile sometimes, life hurts that much, and yet Ican remember for the both of us, and I still see the sun with my own eyes,
noone's taken that from me.

As night grow long and brisk, as in cold, and I taste mittens in the air,
The seasons laugh like a portrait of you and I curl up before the fire unsure about alot of things.

Somedays I miss you, some days I need you, some days I don't think about you at all.

Still, there's something calming about your whispers,
something reassuring about the way

you laugh at the clouds and smile at me and reach way down into your pockets, teeter forward, and kiss me,

the kiss of warmth, of knowing,
the kiss of meeting the day.

It's in all these things that you've never been more a part of my life,

more a face in the shaping of my dreams,
more an
inseperable part of my own self-discovery.

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