asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,


when i send my words to you, my love, you are everyone,
your eyes catching tears like rain across the world.
and when i know you i still let you be,
your gorgeous smile like a dawn to me
and all i've ever really wanted to be,
close to you.

but don't think that i don't feel your pains.
hear you voice at night so small beneath the rains.
this struggle what is life and who you are still reaches me,
my heart adores you
but my mind is weak
second guessing everything you think.
Tell me that you love me or I'll never know,
the universe to vast to get just where your dreams will go.

and when you hate yourself it's because you're just not everything,
try so hard to sing,
but maybe if you stopped we'd still get along,
your whole life a song,
and i've loved every word--not just the highs, but lows.

not just the lows, but you.
when you are quiet by yourself.
making such a mess.
life is just so tangled up sometimes.

in the dark you offer me a seat.
say i'm welcome as you softly weep.
and i am grateful for i've come so far.
my legs exhausted and my heart wanes sore.
for this i love you
and for nothing more.
if you will have me then you i will keep.
if you will have me.

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