asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

six flags

good times!
i finally made it out to six flags
well, it was eds event. but i had been planning to go today anyway, so it was all good. there were less of us than we had all thought, but we still had just as much fun.

just sarah m, ed, ed's-lil-brother-whose-name-i-dont-know, and myself.

the enterprise with sarah, the himalayans with ed (up, down...up, down...). good stuff. twisted twins or sisters or whatever the heck its named four times in a row. a kid in front of us had his hat blow off, but it landed in the seat behind him.

lotsa poking and tickling going on during the rides. rode the carasel (sp?) and hellavator. and the ferris wheel.
oh. and mile high falls. if anyone says you dont get wet..well..theyre wrong.
didnt get to do chang or t2 cuz of lines...but thats ok. id rather not do them than wait in line.
i gotta do rainbow with eds brother; we did some other wooden coaster.
and the spinning thing..we did that twice. (...let the mutilation begin...)

and i did my first sucessful pull-up, too.

in other news...

mcdonalds with sarah beforehand. got ourselves some lavagirls..even thought they look very much like pink lavaboys. and i witnessed a parfeit.
and baskin robins with sarah afterwards. she stole some of my ice cream and i learned about second stomachs. and everyone needs to go there sometime between 6 and 10 tonight for a $1 scoop of icecream.

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