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Ever have those days where
you couldnt feel more dumb
and looking back on the days you felt
you feel youll feel so numb

and i used to live and walk around a sea of stars
giant apple tress and dreams that never got that far

down here on the ground we'd get so jealous of the sky
walking around and sleeping, generally getting by

but when the night tide rolls in i've seen girls wearing wings
and maybe i helped you lace yours up, but
who was to know what flight could bring


down on the ground i watched thinking
it was your time to fly

only in retrospect can i appreciate
the generally getting by

i remember so clearly staring at the sun
until you were a speck in the distance
and then you were gone

and in losing sight of you i waited every day
walking around with that earthy feeling
and finding my own way

life on the ground was cold and lonely
but it was also proud

and though i never forgot the feeling
i never guessed you had

and up in the sky is a wild torrent
a war against the wind
the clouds tear the dreams off faeries and send lightning down again
and you never really wanted to be on your own
you only ever wanted
to know what you want.

somewhere in the fields below i was working all the day
when the news hit and i figured out
the things i didnt say

and there are days that one feels so stupid,
where i couldnt feel more dumb

if i could fly
i finally would
just so i could feel
the fall.

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