asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

i want a girl like that

and its so unfair
but everybodys doing it and everybody knows
and all the time theyre doing it everybody says they love me

but nobody really feels,

and to feel is to mean anything
nothings very far from where we are, and when we reach it
we'll all of us be very safe

and in the safety
of the buildings and the cars

of your rodeo
your velvet second story

and your long forgotten song

everybody knows the words but nobody can recall the tune
pressing faces up to windows
trying to unravel what
we've chosen
to forget and have forgotten
to recall
to keep dreaming and to trust again,

what it means to fall in love again, lay your arms behind your head
look up at the stars and see your thoughts again,
remember who you are again,

and everybodys fighting it,
we are all the same.
listening to your neighbors snore while you are up all night,
and when you wake up
someday you will wake up
noone really wakes up like you do, like you do..

..and when it happens,
everything at once will make a sound

i have seen you happy, but you think its just another gaze

what happens when you dont know who you are
when everyone doesnt know just who they are

with simple saying we both meet,
tossing pleasantries beneath our feet
and then, both with a grin and with a scowl, you say you love me and i
pull you close and slowly lay you down

on broken pieces,
little broken plates and shattered cups,
leaving lies and life to other people
lying as they build all those things up

everything is right and everything is scary now
when noone's got your back
and your back is bare,
everything is out there and nothing really feels the way you do

fingertips and sultry lips and
i am who i am and i remember
what i was to feel
what it was to know that i know nothing

and can only guess at who i am,
and in the guessing that's where everybody finds something afterall.
All of us are left here in the fall
looking at each other without out thinking, not even looking at each other at all.

and they say it's silly, turn around and close their eyes again
breathe again without the inhaling,
loving me without even seeing,
everybody moving without going, all around me now,
and in the end it scares me
more than losing you or even myself, the Uncaring.
sometimes life and everything is just so unfair.

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