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You know who you are, and to me it's exciting.

It might be more pop than I usually go for, but when people ask me what genre of music I listen to, I typically tell them, "good music" [meaningful music], and I stand by that.

Tonight I bought Selena Gomez's CD Kiss and Tell for the song 'Naturally' which I have been loving for the last couple weeks.

I think it's an amazing song--full of energy and passion. Here it is on YouTube. One of the line from it which I think best encapsulates the message I get out of it is
'you know who you are, and to me it's exciting'
The song is a wonderful testament towards the beauty of strong willed individuals. I've known [at least two] people like that in my life. People who's wills are so vibrant that it's almost suffocating to be in the same room with them. Life is theirs to control and you can't help but be swept away in their wake. To me, it IS exciting whenever I meet people like this, or exude this quality myself. I recalled (and just found) an old question I came across on Yahoo! Answers in which the user had asked "Are men turned-off by smart, independent women?" to which I couln't help but be baffled by the idea. Nothing could be further from the truth, and thusly the song is a refreshing reminder of a type of authority and beauty that stands above the rest. I love it.

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