asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

It really amazes me how prideful we are.

Just this morning I woke up late and almost missed a test in class and I thought to myself, 'of all morning to wake up late it WOULD be today', begrudging the day. And I was going to get online and post an irritated post about how that sort of thing just figures. And then I thought, wow. Just there I really wanted to cling to my feeling of haing been mistreated by life. Share it so that others could sympathize/empathize. How petty. So I'm not going to feel bothered by it anymore.

Yesterday, I was discussing/arguing with some of my friends about what places are best to eat out at. Essentially, they liked places i didn't and vice versa. And we quickly reached a standstill becaue neither of us would budge, and it made me frustrated, because I thought they were saying some frustrating things about places to which I though, 'that hasnt been my experience there'. I felt so sure they were wrong. And then I thought, wow. How strange it is that people want to cling to what they understand and what they have experienced. People will argue without ceasing the value of certain things that they were raised by, and I can't help but wonder really? i mean, really? Would that we could get away from our need to be so opionated. Would that we could break from out need to relate our experience with the way things are. I find myself at times to be so prideful, and it's one of those matters where you never really get around to changing--unless you just do it.

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