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#1 Romantic love: Romantic love is a combination of intimacy and passion. People with this type of love are drawn to one another physically and emotionally, but are rarely able to commit.

#2 Liking: This love is when someone only feels intimacy with another person, this is usually a more friendship type relationship.

#3 Companionate love: This is a committed and intimate love, but little passion. These people can live happily with one another for many many years and never stray from the relationship. Most long-term relationships drift into companionate love.

#4 Infatuation: Considered "love at first sight" it's the passionate love. You have a longing for this person for a good while, but it doesn't last, and the couple drifts away.

#5 Fatuous love: This is commitment and passion. You can parallel this type to Hollywood romances. You are commited for a short period of time with a lot of passion but it quickly turns to nothing.

#6 Empty love: This only has commitment. These couples are usually not very happy with their relationship because they have no passion or intimacy but can't bring themselves to leave the relationship.

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