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I've been feeling more independent recently, or at least more myself. Getting an apartment this summer or fall will be a nice next step. Right now the only thing really giving me trouble is school. I'll be glad when its over in a month, for better or for worse. (Even though summer classes start up not long after; they will be nowhere near as bad.) I've started to get a bit creative again, too.

I wanted to talk about, or at least mention, something Kyle said at Post a few weeks back. He was talking about alot of people who try to push limits with things that 'arent technically wrong'. Kyle was saying that it didnt matter so much if it was wrong or not--why do it if it wasnt specifically good, and it really got me thinking about how much time I spend idle. The whole current series in Post is "End of Me" and deals with giving up everytihng we are.
Another week we wrote down things that we were afraid of and turned them over to God.. after some thought i ended up writing down "I fear knowing what is Right and Pure and True...and doing nothing". Alot of times I try to come up with what I would send in to PostSecret if i ever sent something in, and this as close a thing as any to what that would be. I fear knowing what is right and pure and true...and doing nothing.
I really do pend a lot of time on activities that serve little point. And it's so eay to throw up the excuse 'oh, well, school keeps me busy' but thats worthless. Theres so many people out there to love, and I know Im talented enough to find the time. Also, when church says 'missions' its gotten harder to come up with something more meaningful.

ive also been thinging about relationship (the dating kind) (as always) but ill get back to that later.

Ive been hanging with carol again. Tonight I went with Allie to attend an academic conference on campus which involved watching the film Teeth and discussing it.

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