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Looking at the same thing

When you close your eyes at night, and inhale the world at large,
thinking for a moment what a part of it you are,
and then you let it slip away,
drowning out the thought, with night and wine and heady exposition,
you're just like me.

And when you say, 'sometimes i disbelieve this place,
where people are so cruel, or else so kind',
when you're overwhelmed by what the freefall's feeling like,
and you leave your past behind,
you're just like me.

When mountain tops and lovers faces are
more than what they are, and sometimes you hate becuase you're hurt
and other times you feel at one with all the world.
When with each understanding, you ask another question, or two, or three,
and in your knowing, you wrap your mind up in a state of peace,
you're just like me.

You say the world is empty, I say the world is full,
we both see people as they are.
When you search inside yourself, I too search inside myself,
looking at what's there with conflicted self-conviction.
And when looking at the earth, you are content to know that it's just that.
While in the same atmospheric sphere I see traces of god at work,
and beauty is still beautiful to each of us.
Here's what I think:

When we are both thinking, we're thinking the same familiar thoughts,
and when you're looking, I see the same familiar sight.
They're only different names,
They're only different words,
when we have reached the same understandings, looking at them from
two distinct directions,
wondering incorrectly if you're wrong or if i'm wrong,
when in fact we are both right.

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