asklepiades (asklepiades) wrote,

done with school even though summer classes start up in less than a week. alas!

things are looking pretty good, and i intend to keep them that way. ive become suspect that i have a tendeny to minimize both confidence and blessings in order to better empathize with the 'unfairness of life' that so many people seem to like to claim for their own. only, its not something that excites me. in fact, continuing to revolve in a cycle where i am proud of my opinions gets me down.

to put it in perhaps more understandable terms, theres a oneness that exists that i run perpendicular to every time i feel indignant when someone disagrees with me or doesnt appreciate the fact that i've liked something for a long time. but when my opinions are only expressed as a part of me, and i give and take with what other people think, i hit a parallel with that oneness and feel fluidly in tune with my surroundings. surely this is better.

to put yet anther way, wee've become unnecessairly (and dangerously) self-defined in this generation where we no longer function as a unit with others, but rather as individuals wh form cursory relationships out of specific and temporary necessity. some weeks ago kyle was talking about typical sins, specifically pride. he cited all sorts of mainstrem examples that talked about pride in country, pride in race, pride in identity--and said look: if we didnt know any better, id say pride sounds like a good thing. it troubles me that today people feel such a need to discover who they are as an individual as opposed to as a part of a more encompassing collective--not humanity, but reality.

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